Why is it Harder for Immigrants to Achieve the American Dream?

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Why is it Harder for Immigrants to Achieve the American Dream?

The American Dream is a concept built on the idea that everyone, regardless of their social status, cultural background or financial means, can make it big in America through hard work and determination. But is it really that easy?

For immigrants, achieving the American Dream is often a much harder journey than it is for native-born Americans. Here are a few reasons why:

Language barriers

One of the most common challenges immigrants face when trying to achieve the American Dream is the language barrier. It’s difficult to succeed in a new country if you can’t communicate effectively with those around you. Not being able to speak the language can also make it difficult to navigate the legal system, find a job, and gain access to essential services such as healthcare or education.


Despite The United States’ reputation as a diverse and inclusive country, discrimination remains a widespread issue, and many immigrants bear the brunt of it. From experiencing racial slurs and microaggressions to being passed over for job opportunities because of their accent or cultural background, discrimination can severely limit an immigrant’s ability to achieve their dreams.

Economic instability

Many immigrants come to the US to escape poverty or to seek better economic opportunities. However, with little or no money and few connections, it can be challenging for them to find stable jobs, establish a credit history or start a business. A lack of financial resources can create hurdles for immigrants to pursue education, get proper legal assistance and settle down in a safe community.

Legal barriers

Immigrants face various legal barriers while trying to live out their American Dream. Immigrants must face a strict immigration process that involves extensive paperwork, interviews, and waiting times. The cost of acquiring citizenship or legal status is often expensive and very time-consuming, making it difficult for immigrants to afford legal help. The strict immigration rules can limit immigrants from achieving their dreams as they are often in fear of deportation, which can limit opportunities for success.


Achieving the American Dream is not an easy path for anyone, but it’s undoubtedly harder for immigrants. Language barriers, discrimination, economic instability, and legal obstacles can all make it incredibly challenging to succeed in America as an immigrant. The struggle though does not stop immigrants from pursuing happiness and fulfilling their dreams, and it’s important for the natives of the country to recognize these challenges and offer support and encouragement to newcomers who are trying to make America their home.

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Why is it Harder for Immigrants to Achieve the American Dream?