Who is Donald Trump Jr.’s Mom?

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Who is Donald Trump Jr.’s Mom?

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former US President Donald Trump, is a well-known public figure. With his involvement in politics and various business ventures, he has become a topic of frequent discussion in the media. However, not much is known about his mother, Ivana Trump. In this blog post, we will shed some light on the life of the woman who raised one of the most famous political figures in the world.

Early Life

Ivana Trump was born Ivana Marie Zelníčková on February 20, 1949, in the Czech Republic. She grew up in a wealthy family and attended Charles University in Prague, where she studied physical education and languages. After completing her education, she worked as a model and ski instructor before moving to Canada to start a new life.

Meeting Donald Trump

In 1976, Ivana Trump met Donald Trump at a party in New York. The couple married the following year and went on to have three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. During their marriage, Ivana played an active role in the development of the Trump Organization, overseeing the design of the Trump Tower, among other projects.

Career and Public Life

Following her divorce from Donald Trump in 1992, Ivana continued to work in the fashion and design industries, launching her own clothing, jewelry, and beauty lines. She has also appeared on several reality TV shows, including “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Despite her status as a public figure, Ivana has faced several controversies throughout her career. In her 2017 memoir, “Raising Trump,” she claimed that she was the one who named her son “Donald Trump Jr.” and called herself the “first lady” during her marriage to Donald. These statements caused quite a stir in the media, with many criticizing her for being “vain” and “self-centered.”

Personal Life

Ivana has been married four times, most recently to Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi. She currently splits her time between New York and Florida and is known for her philanthropic work, supporting causes related to education, healthcare, and the arts.


In summary, Ivana Trump is a fascinating and complex figure in her own right, with a rich personal and professional history. While her relationship with Donald Trump Jr. may be one of the most significant aspects of her life, she has also made a name for herself through her work in fashion, design, and entertainment. Love her or hate her, there is no denying that she has made a lasting impact on American culture and society.

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