Where is Mrs. Donald Trump now?

Since the end of the Trump administration, many people have been wondering where the former first lady Melania Trump has been. While her husband, former President Donald Trump, has been in the news quite frequently, Melania has been much quieter. So, where is Mrs. Donald Trump now?

Post-White House Life

After the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the Trump family left the White House and headed to Mar-a-Lago, the Trumps’ private resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Melania reportedly spent some time redecorating the living quarters at Mar-a-Lago and planning the family’s post-White House life.

Since then, Mrs. Trump has kept a fairly low profile. She made a few public appearances, including attending the funeral of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, but has largely been out of the public eye.

Melania’s Social Media Presence

While she hasn’t made many public appearances, Melania has been active on social media. She has used her Twitter and Instagram accounts to share updates and photos of her life since leaving the White House.

One of her most notable posts was a farewell message she posted on the day of President Biden’s inauguration. In the message, she thanked the American people for their support during her time as first lady and reflected on her time in the White House.

Future Plans

It’s unclear what Melania’s future plans are. There have been rumors that she may write a memoir or start her own fashion brand. However, she has not made any official announcements.

For now, it seems that Melania is enjoying her post-White House life out of the public eye. Only time will tell what she has in store for the future.


While Melania Trump has mostly disappeared from the public eye since leaving the White House, she has been active on social media and is reportedly enjoying her post-White House life. It’s unclear what her future plans are, but we will undoubtedly hear more from her in the future.

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