Where is Ivanka Trump’s Mother Now?

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Where is Ivanka Trump’s Mother Now?

Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump and mother of Ivanka Trump, has lived a fascinating life. She began her career as a model in her native Czech Republic before relocating to Canada and eventually settling in New York City.

During her marriage to Donald Trump, Ivana became a prominent socialite and businesswoman. She worked on the construction of some of the Trump Organization’s most prominent properties, including the Grand Hyatt New York and the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

Since her very public divorce from Donald Trump in 1992, Ivana has continued to stay in the public eye in various ways. She has written several books, made numerous appearances on reality television shows, and remains active on social media. So, where is she now?

Ivana Trump Today

Despite being in her seventies, Ivana Trump is still very much in the public eye. She has remained active on social media, where she regularly posts photos and updates about her current activities. She also maintains a personal website where she shares her thoughts on fashion, beauty, and travel.

Beyond her online presence, Ivana remains active in various business ventures. She has launched her own fashion, jewelry, and beauty lines, and has even developed a line of furniture called the Ivana Trump Collection.

Relationship with Ivanka Trump

Ivana Trump has famously had a rocky relationship with her daughter Ivanka over the years. In her 2017 book, “Raising Trump,” Ivana revealed that she had been estranged from Ivanka for a period of time after she and Donald Trump divorced. However, the two seem to have since reconciled, and Ivana has spoken publicly about her admiration for her daughter’s success.

Ivanka Trump has also spoken fondly of her mother in a number of interviews over the years, calling her “an incredible inspiration.” Despite their complex relationship, it’s clear that Ivana and Ivanka remain close to this day.


So, where is Ivanka Trump’s mother now? Ivana Trump remains very much in the public eye, both through her business ventures and her active social media presence. Despite her high profile and ongoing drama with her ex-husband, Ivana has remained resilient and continues to carve out her own path in the world.

Through it all, it’s clear that Ivana cherishes her relationship with her daughter Ivanka, and the two appear to have grown closer over the years. While their relationship may have had its ups and downs, it’s heartening to see that they remain supportive of each other and continue to maintain a close bond.

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Where is Ivanka Trump’s Mother Now?