What Makes You Feel Safe?

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What Makes You Feel Safe?

Safety is a basic human need that we all seek. Feeling secure allows us to relax and focus on the activities that bring us joy. Everyone has different preferences, but there are some universal factors that contribute to feeling safe. In this post, we will explore some of those factors and how they impact our emotions.

Physical Safety

Physical safety is the most obvious aspect of security. It’s one that we have greater control of than others. Some of the factors that contribute to our physical safety are:

Security Measures

Visible or hidden security measures, such as cameras, alarms, locks, or security personnel, are some of the options to increase our physical security. These measures give us a sense of control over our surroundings, even when we are not actively monitoring them.

Pleasant Environment

Having a clean, well-lit, and well-maintained environment can also increase our physical safety. A place that looks abandoned or neglected can attract unwanted attention and dangerous situations.

Emotional Safety

Feeling emotionally secure is as important as feeling physically safe. We all have different triggers that can make us feel uneasy, but some factors have a universal impact on our emotional security:

Trust in Relationships

Having trustworthy people around us can make a significant difference in our sense of security. We all need someone to rely on in case of need, and having people we can trust creates a healthy support system.

Clear Boundaries

Setting and respecting personal boundaries is an essential aspect of emotional safety. When we confidently express our needs, limits, and expectations, we can avoid unwanted situations that may make us feel vulnerable.

Cultural Safety

We also need to feel culturally safe. In other words, we want to feel that our identity, beliefs, and values are respected by the people around us. Here are some factors that can impact cultural safety:


Feeling included in a community, organization or workplace can significantly increase our cultural safety. When we feel that we belong, our self-esteem and confidence levels rise, and we feel more comfortable expressing ourselves.

Respectful Communication

Respectful and inclusive communication is crucial for cultural safety. When people speak and act disrespectfully towards an individual or a group, it can alienate them and damage their sense of security.

In conclusion, different factors contribute to our security, and we need to address them to feel safe. Physical safety, emotional safety, and cultural safety are three aspects of security that affect us all. By identifying these factors and working to improve them, we can create a more comfortable and secure environment for ourselves and those around us.

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What Makes You Feel Safe?