What Does Patriotic Mean in English?

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What Does Patriotic Mean in English?

When we hear the word “patriotic,” we often associate it with feelings of love and devotion towards one’s country. However, the concept of patriotism can mean different things to different people. In this post, we will explore the true meaning of patriotism and how it is expressed in different contexts.

The Definition of Patriotism

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, patriotism is defined as “devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country”. This definition suggests that patriotism is characterized by not only love for one’s country but also by active support for its values, culture, and interests.

Expressions of Patriotism

As mentioned earlier, patriotism can be expressed in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

Respect for National Symbols and Traditions

Many countries have national symbols, such as flags, anthems, and landmarks, that represent their country’s pride and identity. Patriotic citizens show respect for these symbols by displaying them on their homes and public spaces and by following the protocols associated with them during important events and occasions.

Civic and Political Participation

Patriotic citizens also engage in civic and political participation as a way of supporting and strengthening their country’s governance and democracy. This can be in the form of voting, participating in public discourse and debates, and volunteering in national or community projects.

Military Service

In some countries, serving in the military is seen as a way of expressing patriotism. This is because military service is seen as a sacrifice for the protection of national interests and security. Military personnel are often regarded as heroes, and their service is celebrated and honored through public events and memorials.


Patriotism is a complex idea that can be expressed in many different ways. At its core, however, patriotism is about love and active support for one’s country’s values, culture, and interests. Whether through civic participation, respect for national symbols and traditions, or military service, everyone can find ways to express their patriotism and contribute to the betterment of their country.

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