What are Some China Traditions for Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays celebrated across the world, but the way people celebrate it varies from one country to another depending on their traditions and beliefs. In China, Christmas is not a public holiday since the majority of the population are non-Christians. However, some Chinese do celebrate the holiday in their own unique way. In this post, we will explore some of the traditions that Chinese people practice during Christmas.


One of the most common ways that Chinese people celebrate Christmas is by decorating their homes, offices, and stores. This includes putting up Christmas trees, wreaths, and lights. The decorations are often a mix of Chinese and Western styles, with red and gold ornaments alongside typical western decorations. This creates a unique blend of cultures that many Chinese people have come to love.

Gifting and Exchanging Presents

The exchanging of gifts is another popular way that Chinese people celebrate Christmas. Similar to the western countries, family and friends gather around to exchange gifts to express gratitude and love towards each other. Chinese millennials get creative in their gift-giving, going beyond traditional gifts such as apples, oranges, and chocolates to things like gadgets, fashion items, and luxury goods like designer bags among others.

Church Services and Carol Concerts

Even though the majority of the Chinese population are not Christians, there are a significant number of Chinese citizens who are practicing Christians. They often attend church services to celebrate Christmas, where they sing carols and share the Christmas message with fellow congregants. Some churches also host Christmas eve services and midnight masses.

Dining Together

Chinese people are known for their love of food and it’s no different during the Christmas holiday. It is common practice for families and friends to come together and have a big meal. While turkey is not usually a traditional food in Chinese cuisine, Chinese people often choose to eat a meal that they would typically have on special occasions, such as dumplings or noodles.

The Christmas Spirit in Business

In China, Christmas is also used as an opportunity by businesses to connect with their customers. It’s not unusual to see Chinese companies decking out their stores with Christmas decorations and running festive promotions to get customers to buy gifts. Companies will also host office parties and dinners to celebrate the year-end and boost team morale.

In conclusion, while Christmas may not be a widely celebrated holiday in China, it’s still a time for many Chinese people to come together, exchange gifts, have good food, and enjoy the time together. The blending of western and Chinese culture during the holiday creates a festive atmosphere that brings together people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures to celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

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