What are Native American Customs?

Native American customs vary among the many different tribes that existed across North and South America. However, there are some commonalities that hold true amongst most Native American groups. These customs are deeply tied to their ideology, religion, and daily life. Here are some of the most prevalent Native American customs:

Honor for nature and animals

Native Americans have always lived close to nature, and their customs reflect this. They believe that all animals, plants, and the elements are sacred and are to be treated with respect. They have a deep understanding of the environment that they live in and believe that humans should take care of nature just as nature takes care of humans. It is essential to honor the earth and its creatures because they believe that it is through this relationship that they receive strength and wisdom.

Spiritual ceremonies

The majority of Native American customs are religion-based. They believe that their ceremonies are not only essential but also powerful. Their practices are interwoven with spirituality and are meant to bring them closer to the divine. The most common ceremonies involve dancing, singing, drumming, smudging, and sometimes fasting. Ceremonies can serve different purposes, including healing, purification, rain, and giving thanks. These traditions have been passed down for generations and are still being practiced today in many Native American tribes.

Honoring Elders

The elders play a significant role in Native American culture, and they receive much respect from their community. They are regarded for their wisdom, knowledge, and experience. They are known to be the keepers of tradition and are responsible for preserving the identity of their people. Elders are also revered for their guidance, leadership, and support that they provide for younger generations. They are respected as the living link between the past, present, and the future.


Sharing is a common aspect of Native American culture. They believe that it is their responsibility to share their blessings with others. They also believe that sharing with others is a reflection of their respect for the universe. Sharing can be in many different forms, including food, gifts, knowledge, and protection. They feel that when they share with others, they create a stronger bond between them, which will protect and guide them in the future.


Native American customs are diverse and complex. These customs are a reflection of their beliefs and their relationship with the natural world, their spirituality, and the importance of community. Native American customs are still being practiced today, and it’s essential to respect and honor their way of life. Understanding their customs can help enrich our daily lives and help us appreciate the diversity of cultures that exist in the world.

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