Varunthukiren Meaning in English: Explained

Varunthukiren – a word that might sound unfamiliar to non-Tamilians, is actually a common phrase used in the Tamil language. It has been in use for many years, and it has evolved over time to have different meanings depending on the context. In this blog post, we will explore the different meanings of Varunthukiren and explain its usage in the English language.

The Basic Meaning of Varunthukiren

The word Varunthukiren is a combination of two words – Varum and thukiren. Varum is a verb in the Tamil language that means ‘will come,’ and thukiren is a phrase that translates to ‘I will do it’.

So, Varunthukiren, in its basic sense, means ‘I will come and do it’. This phrase is usually used in situations where someone wants to indicate their willingness to help and is usually accompanied by a gesture towards the person or item that needs assistance. For example, if someone asks someone else if they can help move a heavy object, the response might be “Varunthukiren,” which means “I will come and help.”

The Different Meanings of Varunthukiren in Context

While the basic meaning of Varunthukiren is ‘I will come and do it’, it can have different connotations in different contexts. Below are some of the different meanings of Varunthukiren:

  • Show up and do it: This interpretation is similar to the basic meaning of Varunthukiren, where someone indicates their willingness to help or participate. Example Usage: “I have an event planned for this evening, can you Varunthukiren?”
  • Give me some time: This interpretation of Varunthukiren is often used to indicate that someone needs time to complete a task or project. Example Usage: “I need to finish a report before I can Varunthukiren with those documents.”
  • Let me handle it: In this context, Varunthukiren implies that the person speaking is capable and confident in their ability to complete a task. Example Usage: “I have experience in this field, so let me Varunthukiren.”
  • Leave it to me: This interpretation is similar to ‘let me handle it’ and is usually used to assure someone that they can rely on the speaker to take care of a task or issue. Example Usage: “Don’t worry, I will Varunthukiren.”


Varunthukiren is a unique phrase from the Tamil language that has multiple meanings depending on the context. Its basic meaning, “I will come and do it,” is often used to indicate a willingness to help or participate in something. However, with slight variations in phrasing and tone, it can indicate the need for time, capability, or confidence in completing a task. Now that you understand the different meanings of Varunthukiren, try using it in your daily conversations!

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