Trump University Fact Check: Examining the Scandal and Controversy

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In the realm of higher education, the name “Trump University” doesn’t hold the same prestige as institutions like Harvard or Stanford. Formerly known as the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, this for-profit education company founded by Donald Trump in 2005 faced its fair share of controversy and lawsuits before shutting down in 2010. This blog post will delve into the facts surrounding Trump University, examining its history, legal battles, and impact on both its students and the reputation of Donald Trump himself.

The History of Trump University

Donald Trump launched Trump University as an online education platform dedicated to providing real estate training programs. Marketed as a way for individuals to learn Trump’s business strategies and secrets, the institution claimed to offer an elite education with access to renowned real estate experts. However, the institution faced criticism for not being an actual accredited university and lacking the necessary credentials to grant degrees.

Lawsuits and Allegations

Almost as soon as Trump University started its operations, it found itself embroiled in legal battles and allegations of fraud. Many former students claimed they were misled by false promises of success and mentorship from industry professionals, leaving them with hefty debts and little to show for their investment. Lawsuits against Trump University began to pile up, with plaintiffs alleging deceptive business practices and violations of consumer protection laws.

One high-profile class-action lawsuit, spearheaded by former students, alleged that Trump University used aggressive marketing tactics to push individuals into purchasing expensive courses, some costing up to $35,000. These courses purportedly failed to deliver the promised knowledge and opportunities for financial success.

Settlements and Legal Proceedings

The legal battles surrounding Trump University were a significant thorn in Donald Trump’s side, particularly during his presidential campaign. In November 2016, shortly after being elected as the 45th President of the United States, Trump agreed to settle three separate class-action lawsuits for a total of $25 million. The settlement compensated the victims, putting an end to the litigation and avoiding a potentially lengthy and costly trial.

While Trump never admitted any wrongdoing, the settlement was seen by some as an acknowledgment of the questionable practices and deceptive marketing techniques employed by Trump University.

The Impact and Criticisms

The scandal surrounding Trump University had a profound impact on both the individuals involved and the reputation of Donald Trump. Critics argued that the institution exploited vulnerable individuals seeking financial success and preyed on their aspirations. They claimed that the lack of appropriate oversight allowed Trump University to operate within a legal gray area, taking advantage of the trust placed in the Trump name.

Supporters of Trump defended the institution, highlighting the students who found value in the courses and claimed to have gained valuable knowledge and skills. They argued that Trump University was no different from other for-profit educational institutions and that its legal battles were blown out of proportion for political reasons.


Trump University may have disappeared from the educational landscape, but its legacy continues to provoke debate and scrutiny. The controversy surrounding the institution shed light on the need for tighter regulations within the for-profit education sector and raised questions about the ethics of using a prestigious name to lure aspiring professionals.

While the settlements reached between Trump and the former students may have put an end to the legal battles, the scandal surrounding Trump University remains a stain on the reputation of its founder. The case serves as a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of deceptive marketing practices and serves as a reminder of the importance of due diligence when choosing an educational institution.


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