Trump-Endorsed Candidates That Lost: A Closer Look at the Results

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Trump-Endorsed Candidates That Lost: A Closer Look at the Results

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has been known for his outspokenness and influence within the Republican Party. Throughout his tenure, he endorsed numerous candidates who sought positions at various levels of government. These endorsements were viewed as a powerful stamp of approval that could potentially sway voters. However, as with any endorsement, the ultimate results of these elections were not always favorable.

In this blog post, we will examine some of the Trump-endorsed candidates who experienced defeat in their respective races. We will analyze the factors that contributed to their losses and explore the implications for both Trump’s influence and Republican politics.

The Influence of Trump’s Endorsement

When a presidential figure like Trump endorses a candidate, it can significantly impact an election. Trump’s endorsements often come with the mobilization of his vast base of loyal supporters, extensive media coverage, and the potential for fundraising opportunities. For candidates, a Trump endorsement can be a double-edged sword.

On one hand, Trump’s endorsement provides a seal of approval that may attract conservative voters who align with his populist agenda. These voters admire his unapologetic stance on issues such as immigration, national security, and economic policies. However, on the other hand, Trump’s polarizing nature and his controversial statements could alienate independent and moderate voters, potentially negatively affecting a candidate’s chances of electoral success.

Let’s now delve into some notable examples where Trump’s endorsement did not result in victory.

1. Alabama Senate Race: Roy Moore

During the special election for the Alabama Senate seat in 2017, Trump endorsed Republican candidate Roy Moore. Moore was a controversial figure known for his staunch conservative beliefs and his tenure as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Despite Trump’s endorsement, Moore faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, which cast a dark cloud over his campaign. These allegations, combined with a strong Democratic turnout and support for his opponent, Doug Jones, contributed to Moore’s loss.

Although Trump’s endorsement signaled support, it could not overshadow the difficult circumstances surrounding Moore’s candidacy. This race demonstrated that even a presidential endorsement could not overcome significant controversies.

2. Virginia Governor’s Race: Ed Gillespie

In 2017, Republican candidate Ed Gillespie ran for the office of Governor of Virginia. As a seasoned politician and former chair of the Republican National Committee, Gillespie appeared to be a strong contender.

Trump’s endorsement of Gillespie provided national attention and resources to his campaign. However, Gillespie’s opponent, Ralph Northam, successfully portrayed him as an extension of Trump’s divisive rhetoric and policies.

Despite Trump’s endorsement, Gillespie lost by a significant margin. This outcome sparked conversations about the impact of Trump’s endorsement in states where his approval ratings were relatively low, highlighting the limitations of Trump’s influence beyond his core base.

3. Texas Senate Race: Luther Strange and David Dewhurst

During the Texas Senate races in 2017 and 2020, two Trump-endorsed candidates faced defeat. In 2017, Luther Strange lost the Republican primary runoff to Roy Moore, despite Trump’s efforts to support Strange’s candidacy.

Similarly, in 2020, Trump endorsed David Dewhurst, a former Lieutenant Governor of Texas, for the special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by John Cornyn. However, Dewhurst lost the Republican primary to Ted Cruz, who went on to win the general election.

These cases demonstrate that even in states where Trump enjoys significant support, his endorsement does not guarantee victory. Local factors and the preference of voters ultimately play a crucial role in determining electoral outcomes.


While Donald Trump’s endorsement undoubtedly carries weight within the Republican Party, the results of these elections indicate that it is not always a guarantee of success. The circumstances surrounding each race, including candidate controversies, local dynamics, and opponent strategies, play a crucial role in determining electoral outcomes.

These Trump-endorsed candidates who experienced defeat serve as a reminder that endorsements, no matter how influential the figure endorsing may be, do not guarantee electoral victory. Voters have their own agency and consider various factors when casting their ballots.

As the Republican Party moves forward, it will be interesting to observe the evolving influence of Trump endorsements and how candidates navigate the balance between appealing to Trump’s base and attracting broader segments of the electorate.

For more information on the impact of endorsements in American politics, you can visit the Brookings Institution website.

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Trump-Endorsed Candidates That Lost: A Closer Look at the Results