The Life and Relationship of Fred Trump Jr.’s Wife Linda Clapp

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The Life and Relationship of Fred Trump Jr.’s Wife Linda Clapp

Fred Trump Jr. wife Linda Clapp was an interesting and influential figure in her own right. While much attention has been given to the Trump family and their business dealings, Linda Clapp was a successful businesswoman and philanthropist in her own right, who lived a unique life both before and after her marriage to the eldest Trump son. Her life story is not only fascinating but also provides insight into the social context of the time.

Early Life

Linda Clapp was raised in a comfortable home in the suburbs of New Jersey. Her family was well-educated and well-off, and she attended college at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied business. After graduation, she began to work in finance and quickly demonstrated an impressive acumen for the industry. She worked at a number of different firms, eventually rising to a position of significant influence within the field.

Marriage to Fred Trump Jr.

Linda and Fred met during college and began dating soon after. Their relationship blossomed over the years, and they were soon engaged. They married in 1962 in a lavish ceremony attended by many notable political and social figures of the time. Linda was a beloved figure in the Trump family, known for her intelligence, wit, and kindness. She and Fred had two children together before his untimely death.

Life After Fred’s Death

After Fred’s death, Linda devoted herself to her family and philanthropic causes. She continued to work in finance, but also invested heavily in education and the arts. She served on numerous boards and was widely respected for her charitable work. She passed away in 2005, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and generosity that continues to inspire those who knew her.


Linda Clapp was a remarkable woman who lived an impressive life. Her story provides insight not only into the Trump family but also into the changing roles of women in society during the mid-twentieth century. Her contributions to finance, charity, and culture will always be remembered, and she will forever be a beloved figure in the Trump family.

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