The Genealogy of Donald Trump: Tracing the Ancestry of the 45th President of the United States

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on American politics and the world at large. As a public figure with a rich and complex family history, tracing his genealogy can provide us with valuable insights into his background and heritage. In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into the lineage of Donald Trump, exploring his ancestry, immigrant roots, and the diverse tapestry of his family tree.

Table of Contents

  1. Ancestry and Early Origins
  2. Immigrant Roots
  3. Family Tree
  4. Influence of Ancestry and Heritage
  5. Conclusion

Ancestry and Early Origins

To trace the genealogy of Donald Trump, we must begin with his paternal and maternal lineages. Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York City, to Fred Trump and Mary Anne MacLeod. Both of his parents were of European descent, with his father’s family hailing from Germany and his mother’s family from Scotland.

On his father’s side, Donald Trump’s ancestral roots can be traced to the small German village of Kallstadt. The Trumps were originally known as “Drumpf” and lived in Kallstadt as far back as the 17th century. Friedrich Trump, Donald’s great-grandfather, emigrated from Kallstadt to the United States in 1885 in search of new opportunities. His arrival marked the beginning of the Trump family’s American journey.

Immigrant Roots

Donald Trump’s immigrant roots have played a significant role in shaping his family’s history and narrative. The experiences of his ancestors, both in Germany and Scotland, provide important context to understand his deep-rooted connection to his heritage.

Upon arriving in the United States, Friedrich Trump initially settled in New York City before venturing west to the booming state of Washington. He began building a successful business empire by opening boarding houses during the Klondike Gold Rush. Later, Friedrich returned to New York and established the Trump Organization.

On the maternal side, Donald Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was born in Tong, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. She left Scotland in 1930 at the age of 18 to work as a domestic servant in the United States. After meeting Fred Trump in New York, they married and raised five children, with Donald being the fourth.

Family Tree

The family tree of Donald Trump is a sprawling network that spans several generations. Let’s explore the key branches of his family tree:

Paternal Lineage

The Trump family tree on his father’s side begins with Johann Philipp Trumpf (later anglicized to Trump), who was born in Bobenheim am Berg, Germany, in 1789. Johann Philipp’s son, Johannes Trump, married Katharina Kober and had three children, including Friedrich Trump, Donald Trump’s great-grandfather.

Friedrich Trump married twice, and his second wife, Elizabeth Christ, became the matriarch of the Trump family. They had three children, including Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father. Fred Trump married Mary Anne MacLeod, and together they had five children, Donald Trump being the most well-known.

Donald Trump’s paternal lineage can be traced back through the generations, highlighting a family that continually strived for success and accomplishment.

Maternal Lineage

On his mother’s side, Donald Trump’s genealogy leads us to the MacLeod family from Scotland. His maternal grandparents were Malcolm MacLeod and Mary Smith. Mary Anne MacLeod, Donald Trump’s mother, was one of their ten children.

The MacLeod ancestors hailed from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The MacLeod family had been part of the fabric of Scottish life for generations, with deep connections to the land and its traditions.

Influence of Ancestry and Heritage

Understanding one’s genealogy and heritage can shape one’s identity and worldview. For Donald Trump, his German and Scottish immigrant roots have undoubtedly had an impact on his life and career.

Trump has often spoken proudly about his German heritage. His grandfather, Friedrich Trump, was an ambitious and enterprising individual who seized opportunities in the United States. Friedrich’s drive and entrepreneurial spirit seem to have been passed down through the generations, evident in Donald Trump’s success in business.

The Scottish roots of Donald Trump also hold significance, as he has acknowledged the influence of his mother’s heritage. In 2008, when visiting Scotland, he expressed his deep connection to the land of his ancestors and reflected on the values and lessons instilled by his Scottish mother.

Moreover, Donald Trump’s immigrant background has shaped his stance on immigration and his views on nationalism. His family’s story and their journey to the United States likely contribute to his strong emphasis on border control, patriotism, and protectionism.


Exploring the genealogy of Donald Trump has allowed us to delve into the rich tapestry of his family history. We have traced his ancestry back to Germany and Scotland, unraveling stories of immigrants, business ventures, and deep-rooted connections to their respective homelands.

Understanding the influences of his ancestors and their experiences provides valuable context to comprehend the person Donald Trump has become and the policies he pursued during his tenure as President of the United States.

Genealogy offers us a window into our collective past and a better understanding of the diverse foundations upon which individuals and families are built. By examining the genealogy of public figures like Donald Trump, we gain insights into the complex factors that shape their lives and decisions.


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