The Donald Trump Song: Exploring Upchurch’s Lyrics in “Rollin”

Donald Trump has been a controversial figure in American politics, garnering both strong support and fierce opposition. He has inspired countless debates and discussions across the nation and beyond. It should come as no surprise that artists have incorporated him into their music, using him as a source of inspiration or critique. In this blog post, we delve into the lyrics of Upchurch’s song “Rollin,” where he references Donald Trump. Join us as we dissect the lyrics, explore their meaning, and analyze the implications of such a powerful figure being featured in a song.

1. Introducing Upchurch: The Musical Artist

First, let’s introduce Upchurch for those who may be unfamiliar with him. Ryan Edward Upchurch, known by his stage name Upchurch, is an American country rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born on May 24, 1991, in Cheatham County, Tennessee, Upchurch gained popularity through his unique blend of hip-hop and country music. He possesses a loyal following and has released numerous albums and singles throughout his career.

2. Analyzing the Lyrics of “Rollin”

One of Upchurch’s notable songs is “Rollin,” where he references Donald Trump in the lyrics. Let’s break down the verses and chorus to gain a deeper understanding of what Upchurch is conveying through his words.

Verse 1:

“The town square on a Monday morning, the flag waving in the Southern wind
Watching the news back, seeing how they twist it again
And who the hell’s being President nowadays?
Somebody on Twitter is all I hear to say”

In the first verse, Upchurch sets the scene with a reference to the town square on a Monday morning, highlighting the patriotic imagery of the American flag waving in the Southern wind. He then takes aim at the media, expressing frustration with how they manipulate the news. Upchurch also questions the state of the presidency, criticizing the prevalence of social media discourse in the current political landscape.


“Rollin’ with my windows down, speakers holdin’ this crown
Wonderin’ what we got to do
To get our country back, but what’s a regular Joe to do?
Except rollin’, swervin’ to the rhythm
Of a washed-out land, we’re all livin'”

In the chorus, Upchurch showcases his hope for change and a desire to regain what he perceives as lost in the country. He emphasizes the power of the ordinary citizen, symbolized by the regular Joe, to make a difference. Upchurch implies that unifying through music and embracing the shared experience can help pave the way forward and bring people together.

Verse 2:

“Is the view better from a Hill in DC?
Or from the front porch with some Pepsi and some Lays?
Is it red and blue, or a white and black thing?
I reckon if it is, then honey, please ease my pain”

In the second verse, Upchurch raises thought-provoking questions about the contrasting perspectives of being in Washington, DC, versus the simple pleasures of life on the front porch. He ponders whether the division in the nation is based on political affiliation or racial tensions. Upchurch expresses a desire for unity and calls for healing, asking for someone to alleviate the pain caused by such division.

3. The Message Behind “Rollin”

Digging deeper into the lyrics of “Rollin,” it becomes apparent that Upchurch’s song is a reflection of the deep-seated frustration and yearning for change among many Americans. By mentioning Donald Trump, a polarizing figure, Upchurch taps into the emotions surrounding his presidency. Music has long been a platform for artists to express their views on political and societal issues, and Upchurch’s song is a testament to that tradition.

Through his lyrics, Upchurch challenges the media’s role in shaping public opinion and highlights the importance of unity and embracing shared experiences. He recognizes the power of music in bringing people together, and “Rollin” serves as a rallying cry for Americans to reclaim their country and work towards a brighter future.

4. The Impact of Music in Political Discourse

Music has always played a significant role in political discourse, often serving as a catalyst for change. Artists have the ability to tap into the collective consciousness and inspire listeners to reflect on the state of society. By incorporating political figures like Donald Trump into their songs, musicians can spark conversations and evoke emotions among their audience.

The inclusion of Donald Trump in Upchurch’s “Rollin” can be seen as a reflection of the impact Trump’s presidency had on American culture and society as a whole. His political rise and unorthodox approach fueled passionate discussions and polarized opinions. By referencing him in his song, Upchurch adds his voice to the ongoing dialogue surrounding Trump’s presidency and its implications.


Upchurch’s song “Rollin” provides a glimpse into the complex relationship between music, politics, and society. By referencing Donald Trump and incorporating his thoughts on the state of the nation, Upchurch offers listeners a chance to reflect on the current political climate. Through his lyrics, he encourages unity, emphasizes the power of the ordinary citizen, and advocates for change.

In an era of political division and heightened emotions, music can serve as a bridge, providing a space for dialogue and understanding. Upchurch’s “Rollin” is an example of how artists can use their platform to contribute to discussions about the state of the nation and express their hopes for a brighter future.



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