The Donald Trump Hall of Presidents: A Detailed Look at an Iconic Attraction

Since its opening in 1971, the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, has been a must-visit attraction for guests of all ages. Designed to showcase the history and significance of the United States presidency, this immersive experience has gained attention, especially due to the inclusion of every U.S. president in an animatronic form. However, the addition of the 45th president, Donald Trump, sparked controversy and curiosity among visitors. Let’s explore the journey of the Donald Trump Hall of Presidents and its impact on this iconic exhibit.

The History of the Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents, located in Liberty Square within the Magic Kingdom, was originally conceptualized as a tribute to American history and democracy. It was inspired by Walt Disney’s fascination with American presidents and his desire to create an educational yet entertaining experience for park guests.

The attraction features a theater where guests can enjoy a 25-minute presentation that includes a short film about the presidency and a dramatic presentation of every U.S. president through the use of animatronics. These animatronic figures, developed by Walt Disney Imagineering, are sophisticated audio-animatronic robots capable of human-like movements, making the experience truly immersive.

Since its inception, the Hall of Presidents has undergone several updates, mainly to accommodate the addition of new presidents as they take office. Each refurbishment aims to improve the technology and storytelling, staying true to the original intent of the exhibit.

The Controversy Surrounding Donald Trump’s Inclusion

When it was announced that Donald Trump would be added to the Hall of Presidents, it sparked fierce debate and controversy. Some argued that the attraction should remain neutral and not include any sitting presidents, while others believed it was essential to honor the tradition of representing the current president.

The controversy surrounding Trump’s inclusion also extended to concerns about how the portrayal would be handled. Animatronics have the potential to be incredibly realistic, which raised questions about whether the figure would be an accurate representation or if it would veer towards caricature.

Ultimately, the Imagineering team aimed to create an authentic representation of Donald Trump, focusing on his distinct characteristics and mannerisms. The figure portrays Trump giving a speech, displaying his iconic hand gestures and distinctive hairstyle.

The Creation Process

Developing an animatronic figure for the Hall of Presidents is a complex and time-consuming process. It involves extensive research, sculpting, engineering, and programming to create a lifelike representation. For Donald Trump, the process began shortly after his inauguration.

First, the Imagineering team gathered reference materials such as photographs, videos, and speeches to capture Trump’s physical appearance and movements accurately. Skilled sculptors then created a clay model, carefully refining it to ensure a faithful representation.

After the sculpting phase, the figure’s inner workings were developed. Sophisticated robotics and mechanisms were integrated into the animatronic, allowing for precise movements and facial expressions. Skilled artists painted the figure, adding detail and ensuring a lifelike appearance.

Donald Trump’s voice was also recorded and then synced with the figure, giving it the ability to speak and deliver a speech that echoes the words of the 45th president. This enhanced the realism of the experience for visitors.

The Impact on Visitors

Since its unveiling, the Donald Trump animatronic has elicited strong reactions from visitors. Supporters of the president appreciate the inclusion and the accurate depiction of his physical appearance, noting the attention to detail. Conversely, critics argue that the animatronic lacks the realism achieved with previous presidents, suggesting an imbalance in the portrayal.

Regardless of individual opinions, the addition of Donald Trump has undoubtedly sparked interest in the Hall of Presidents. Many guests, both curious and devoted, come specifically to see the latest addition to this historic attraction.

Future Updates and Continuity

The Hall of Presidents is a living exhibit, designed to evolve as new presidents are elected. This ongoing commitment to updating the attraction ensures its relevance and continued educational value for future generations.

As with previous presidents, it is likely that future updates will be made to enhance the portrayal of Donald Trump, taking into account feedback from visitors and any technological advancements that emerge. This commitment to accuracy and continuity sets the stage for a constantly evolving and immersive Hall of Presidents experience.


The Donald Trump Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World Resort is an intriguing addition to one of Magic Kingdom’s most iconic attractions. While the decision to include every U.S. president in animatronic form has faced controversy in the past, the addition of Donald Trump has sparked particularly strong reactions. By faithfully capturing the unique characteristics and mannerisms of the 45th president, Disney Imagineering has sought to create an engaging and accurate representation. Whether regarded as a tribute to history or a political statement, the addition of Donald Trump underscores the ongoing evolution of the Hall of Presidents and its significance as a living exhibit.


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