The Donald Trump Family History: Unveiling the Influence of His Father

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The Donald Trump Family History: Unveiling the Influence of His Father

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is undoubtedly one of the most polarizing figures in modern American politics. As discussions about his presidency and business ventures often dominate headlines, few have delved into the rich history of the Trump family. In particular, the role of Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, in shaping the family’s legacy is often overlooked. In this long-form blog post, we will explore the fascinating history of the Trump family and shed light on the pivotal role Fred Trump played in the success of his son Donald Trump.

The Early Years: Fred Trump’s Rise to Success

Fred Trump was born on October 11, 1905, in New York City to German immigrant parents, Friedrich Trump and Elizabeth Christ Trump. His parents were hardworking entrepreneurs who ran a successful real estate business in Queens, New York. Following in their footsteps, Fred Trump started his own construction and real estate company, Elizabeth Trump & Son, in 1927. The company focused on building affordable housing for middle-class families in Queens and Brooklyn.

During the Great Depression, Fred Trump capitalized on the New Deal housing programs introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These programs aimed to provide affordable housing to families during the economic crisis. Fred Trump’s company benefited greatly from these initiatives, securing numerous government contracts and becoming one of New York City’s leading developers.

The Legacy Continues: Donald Trump’s Early Life

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York City. Growing up, he had an early introduction to the real estate business, as he often accompanied his father to construction sites and meetings. Fred Trump displayed a tough entrepreneurial spirit, instilling in his son the values of hard work, perseverance, and deal-making.

As a teenager, Donald Trump attended the New York Military Academy, where he excelled both academically and socially. His father’s influence and connections played a crucial role in his admission to the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Donald Trump graduated in 1968 with a degree in economics.

The Trump Organization: A Father-Son Collaboration

After completing his education, Donald Trump joined his father’s company, which was later rebranded as The Trump Organization. Fred Trump served as a mentor and guide to his son, teaching him the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Together, they undertook various ambitious projects, including the construction of apartment complexes, hotels, and casinos.

Fred Trump’s exceptional business acumen and vast network of connections greatly influenced Donald Trump’s rise to prominence. His father’s reputation in New York City and his ability to secure favorable deals and contracts opened doors for the young entrepreneur.

Lessons Learned: The Art of the Deal

Throughout his life, Donald Trump often referred to his father as his most significant influence and mentor. As a developer, Fred Trump had a no-nonsense approach to business, which he instilled in his son. Donald Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal, even pays tribute to his father’s influence by detailing the valuable lessons he learned during his career.

From negotiating deals to managing relationships, Donald Trump credits his father for teaching him the key principles that propelled him to success. Fred Trump’s unwavering belief in his son’s abilities and his commitment to pass down his knowledge laid the foundation for Donald Trump’s future achievements.

The Lasting Impact of Fred Trump

While Donald Trump’s name may dominate the headlines, it is essential to recognize that none of his success would have been possible without the guidance and support of his father, Fred Trump. It was Fred Trump’s business prowess, connections, and work ethic that set the stage for Donald Trump’s rise to power.

Furthermore, Fred Trump’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the development of affordable housing left a lasting impact on New York City. His contributions helped shape the city’s skyline and provided housing opportunities for countless families.


The Trump family history is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and mentorship. While Donald Trump’s accomplishments are widely discussed, it is crucial to acknowledge the influential role his father, Fred Trump, played in their family’s success. Fred Trump’s legacy lives on through his son’s achievements and the indelible mark they have left on the world of real estate and politics.

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The Donald Trump Family History: Unveiling the Influence of His Father