The Donald Trump Baby Balloon: An Inflated Protest in the Skies

On July 13th, 2018, a massive inflatable balloon depicting then-President Donald Trump as a baby took to the skies of London. The Trump Baby Balloon became an instant sensation, capturing the attention of media outlets worldwide and sparking both admiration and controversy. Standing at an imposing 20 feet tall, this inflatable effigy made a strong political statement against the controversial policies and rhetoric of the 45th President of the United States. In this blog post, we will delve into the origins, impact, and debate surrounding the Donald Trump Baby Balloon.

Origins of the Trump Baby Balloon

The idea of the Trump Baby Balloon was conceived by a group of activists in the United Kingdom. They sought a creative and eye-catching way to protest Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in July 2018. The team consisted of various individuals, including Leo Murray, an environmentalist and balloon designer, along with a crowdfunding campaign to finance the project.

The activists aimed to create a larger-than-life representation of Trump, emphasizing his controversial policies and temperament. The concept of portraying the President as a baby was meant to satirize his behavior, as well as draw attention to what they saw as his immaturity and inability to adequately address pressing global issues.

Design and Construction

The design of the Trump Baby Balloon was meticulously planned to ensure its impact. Crafted from a sturdy PVC material, the balloon was inflated with helium and held in place by ropes tethering it to the ground. The distinct features of Donald Trump were exaggerated, with a bright orange skin tone, blonde hair, and tiny hands clutching a smartphone.

The following table provides a breakdown of the Trump Baby Balloon’s specifications:

Height Width Inflation Time
20 feet 13 feet Approx. 4 hours

The Impact of the Trump Baby Balloon

From the moment the Trump Baby Balloon graced the London skies, it became a symbol of protest and resistance against the policies of the Trump administration. The image of a large, inflatable baby with Trump’s likeness generated enormous media attention, making it an instantly recognizable icon of the anti-Trump movement.

The balloon’s impact extended beyond mere symbolism. It provided a focal point for protesters, attracting thousands of people who rallied around it during Trump’s visit to the UK. The presence of the balloon at various events allowed activists to express their dissent in a highly visible and attention-grabbing manner.

Additionally, the Trump Baby Balloon triggered a global conversation about the role of political protests and the power of creative expression. It sparked debates about the appropriateness of using humor and satire to criticize political figures and their policies.

Controversies and Criticisms

Unsurprisingly, the Trump Baby Balloon faced its fair share of controversies and criticisms. Supporters of President Trump argued that the balloon crossed the line, claiming it showed disrespect towards the office of the President and undermined political discourse. Some critics dismissed it as a childish and ineffective form of protest.

However, the creators and supporters of the balloon defended its purpose, viewing it as a necessary form of political expression. They argued that humor and satire have historically played a significant role in political dissent and can be powerful tools to challenge authority and highlight important issues.

Legacy and Future of Inflatable Protests

Since its debut, the Trump Baby Balloon has inspired similar inflatable protests around the world. Inflatable effigies of political figures have been used as a means of protest in various countries across different continents.

While some critics dismiss these inflatable protests as mere gimmicks, others recognize the power of these attention-grabbing symbols to ignite conversations and mobilize people. Inflatable protests, like the Trump Baby Balloon, have proven effective at capturing public attention and providing a platform for individuals to voice their discontent with political leaders and policies.


The Trump Baby Balloon, a towering inflatable representation of then-President Donald Trump, achieved global notoriety as a powerful symbol of protest. From its conception to the organized protests and media attention it generated, this provocative balloon sparked heated debates about the limits of political satire and the effectiveness of creative forms of protest.

Whether you view it as an audacious act of dissent or a disrespectful mockery, there is no denying the impact that the Trump Baby Balloon had on shaping public discourse and the legacy it leaves behind for future political protests.


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