The Diversity of Christmas Celebrations Around the World

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The Diversity of Christmas Celebrations Around the World

As the holiday season approaches, people all around the world start to prepare for Christmas, but not everyone celebrates this holiday in the same way. Different customs, traditions and beliefs create a variety of festivities. In this blog post, we will take a tour around the world to explore the diverse cultures and customs of Christmas.


During the Christmas season, European cities transform into winter wonderlands. Walking through the Christmas markets is an experience not to be missed, as they showcase the best of each country’s culture.

In Germany, the Christmas festivities start with the opening of Christmas markets in late November. These markets offer traditional German food, such as hot gluehwein (mulled wine) and bratwurst sausages. In addition, visitors can browse stalls filled with handcrafted wooden toys, candles, and Christmas decorations.

In Spain, there is a tradition called El Gordo, or “the fat one”, which is the country’s national lottery draw that takes place in December. People purchase lottery tickets and eagerly wait to see if they will win one of the multiple big prizes.

In Italy, the Christmas period extends beyond just one day. The celebrations start on the 8th of December and last until the 6th of January, commemorating not only the birth of Jesus but also the arrival of the Magi. Special attention is paid to Nativity scenes, and many cities have a public one.

The Americas

Similarly to Europe, Christmas celebrations in the Americas vary greatly depending on the country. In North America, many people have a traditional meal of turkey, ham or roast beef on Christmas Day. In addition, many people gather around their fireplace and listen to Christmas music or watch classic holiday movies.

In Mexico, the tradition of Las Posadas starts on December 16th and ends on December 24th. Las Posadas is a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay, and people go from house to house asking for shelter. On Christmas Eve, families gather for a midnight feast, and the children break open a colorful piñata filled with sweets.

In Brazil, Christmas takes place during the summer season. Many Brazilians have a barbecue on Christmas Eve and go to midnight mass. One of the most popular traditions is buying a present for the person whose name you drew in a game called amigo secreto or “secret friend”, which is similar to Secret Santa.

Asia and Oceania

Christmas is not a public holiday in many Asian and Oceanic countries, but some people still celebrate the season.

In Japan, Christmas is not a religious holiday, but is celebrated similarly to Valentine’s Day or date nights. It is common to exchange gifts and spend time with romantic partners.

In Australia, Christmas day marks the beginning of summer holidays, and many Australians have a barbeque on the beach or gather together for a picnic. They also often decorate their homes with Christmas lights and have a Christmas tree inside.


Christmas is a time for joy, celebration, and coming together with loved ones. However, the way we celebrate this holiday varies greatly depending on our culture and traditions. By learning more about different cultures, we can appreciate and respect the diversity of celebrations around the world. Whether we are enjoying a BBQ on the beach in Australia or strolling through a German Christmas market, the message of peace and love is universal.

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