The Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump’s Iconic Reality Show

When it comes to reality television, few shows have managed to capture the attention of audiences quite like The Celebrity Apprentice. And at the center of it all was none other than the iconic Donald Trump. Trump’s larger-than-life persona, combined with a cast of celebrity contestants, made for a unique and entertaining viewing experience. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of The Celebrity Apprentice, exploring its full episodes, notable moments, and the impact it had on both the participants and the viewers.

The Celebrity Apprentice: A Brief Overview

The Celebrity Apprentice was a reality TV show that aired from 2008 to 2017. The concept of the show was simple: a group of celebrities would compete against each other in business-related tasks, all under the watchful eye of the host and business tycoon, Donald Trump.

The contestants were divided into teams and assigned various challenges, such as creating a marketing campaign, organizing a fundraising event, or designing a product. Throughout the tasks, the celebrities showcased their business acumen, creativity, and teamwork skills to impress Trump and his panel of advisors. The winning team would receive a reward, while the losing team faced a boardroom session, where Trump would ultimately decide who should be fired.

Each season of The Celebrity Apprentice featured a diverse lineup of high-profile participants from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and business. Some of the notable contestants included Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Trace Adkins, Arsenio Hall, and Bret Michaels. Their personalities clashed, alliances formed and dissolved, and fiery boardroom showdowns ensued, creating captivating television for the viewers.

Full Episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice

The Celebrity Apprentice consisted of multiple seasons, each featuring a unique batch of celebrities battling for the title. While the show is no longer in production, fans can still access full episodes from various sources, including online streaming platforms and DVD collections.

One reliable platform to watch full episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice is NBC’s official website. NBC offers a selection of episodes from different seasons for viewers to enjoy. Additionally, several video streaming services, such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, also include The Celebrity Apprentice in their catalogue.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, DVDs of The Celebrity Apprentice are available for purchase. These DVD collections typically include all episodes from a particular season and often come with bonus features, such as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.

Notable Moments in The Celebrity Apprentice

The Celebrity Apprentice was not immune to drama, tension, and unexpected twists. Numerous standout moments sprinkled throughout the show’s history left a lasting impression on both the contestants and the viewers.

1. Piers Morgan’s Victory

In the first season of The Celebrity Apprentice, British television personality Piers Morgan emerged as the champion. Known for his sharp wit and candid remarks, Morgan’s strategic moves and ability to navigate the boardroom earned him the respect of Trump and the title of Celebrity Apprentice. His victory set the bar high for future contestants and solidified the show’s popularity.

2. Joan Rivers’ Memorable Performance

The late Joan Rivers, one of the most beloved figures in the entertainment industry, graced the boardroom in the second season. Rivers’ no-nonsense attitude and quick comebacks were a recipe for entertainment. Her fierce determination and business acumen led her to victory, making her the first female winner of The Celebrity Apprentice.

3. The Clash of the Music Stars

Music icons Brett Michaels and Trace Adkins engaged in a nail-biting battle during the third season. Michaels, known for his role as the lead vocalist of the band Poison, and Adkins, a renowned country music singer, showcased their leadership skills as project managers. Their clash in the final boardroom was riveting, with Michaels ultimately securing the Celebrity Apprentice title by a narrow margin.

The Impact and Legacy of The Celebrity Apprentice

The Celebrity Apprentice left an indelible mark on both the participants and the viewers. For the celebrities involved, the show provided a platform to showcase their business skills, expand their personal brand, and raise substantial funds for charitable causes.

Winning the title gave contestants a significant boost in their careers. Piers Morgan capitalized on his victory, using it as a stepping stone to establish himself as a prominent television personality and host of his own talk show. Similarly, Joan Rivers’ win further solidified her status as an entertainment legend.

The show’s impact on the viewers cannot be overlooked. The Celebrity Apprentice introduced audiences to the high-pressure world of business and showcased the value of teamwork, negotiation, and adaptability. It became a cultural phenomenon, sparking discussions and debates around the water cooler.

The Celebrity Apprentice also spawned international versions, including The Celebrity Apprentice Australia and The Celebrity Apprentice UK, further extending its influence around the world.


The Celebrity Apprentice, with its combination of celebrity star power and business challenges, captivated audiences for nearly a decade. Donald Trump’s larger-than-life presence, along with the memorable moments created by the celebrity contestants, ensured that the show became a reality TV phenomenon.

Whether you’re looking to relive the competitive spirit, catch up on missed episodes, or witness the rise of future stars, there are various ways to access full episodes of The Celebrity Apprentice. So kick back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the drama, excitement, and business lessons that this iconic show has to offer.

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