The Apprentice Donald Trump Season 1 Episode 2

The Apprentice Donald Trump Season 1 Episode 2

Reality television has had its fair share of memorable moments, and one show that took the genre by storm was “The Apprentice,” hosted by real estate magnate Donald Trump. In this long-form blog post, we delve into the second episode of the show’s first season.

Introduction to “The Apprentice”

The Apprentice was a reality competition show that aired from 2004 to 2017. Contestants competed for a job opportunity to work for Donald Trump, the host and executive producer. The goal was to prove their business acumen by completing various tasks, ultimately impressing Trump and avoiding being fired from the show.

Episode 2: “Sex, Lies and Altitude”

The second episode of the first season was titled “Sex, Lies and Altitude.” In this episode, the contestants were divided into two teams: Apex and Mosaic. The teams had to organize a boat tour around Manhattan to promote a new hair care product called “Trump Ice Shampoo.” They were responsible for selling tickets, creating a presentation, and generating enthusiasm for the brand. However, tensions quickly rose among the team members.

The Task and Challenges

The task required the teams to sell tickets for the boat tour, targeting both individuals and groups. They had to develop a marketing strategy, conduct negotiations with potential customers, and present their pitch effectively. Each team had to manage their finances, as they were responsible for covering costs such as the boat rental and promotion materials. The team that generated the highest revenue would win the task.

Apex’s Strategy

Apex, led by project manager Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, decided to focus on selling individual tickets rather than group packages. They believed that targeting individual customers would be more profitable. Despite initial success, their lack of teamwork and cohesion became evident.

Mosaic’s Strategy

Mosaic, led by project manager Troy McClain, decided to pursue both individual and group sales. Their strategy was to combine their sales efforts with an effective presentation highlighting the benefits of “Trump Ice Shampoo.” Though they faced some challenges in coordinating their team’s efforts, their unity was stronger than Apex’s.

Results and Boardroom Drama

Once the task was completed, both teams presented their results to Trump and his advisors, Carolyn Kepcher and George Ross. Although Apex initially had higher ticket sales, Trump revealed that Mosaic had secured the most significant revenue overall, making them the winners.

As the losing team, Apex faced Trump in the boardroom. Omarosa, recognizing the turmoil within her team, aimed to protect herself by pointing fingers at her teammates, specifically highlighting Ereka Vetrini’s alleged lack of contribution.

During the heated boardroom discussion, Omarosa’s behavior attracted significant attention. She engaged in confrontations, defended her actions, and even brought up personal issues. Trump reprimanded her for her divisive and unprofessional behavior, but ultimately decided to fire Ereka for her perceived failure to manage the team effectively.

Lessons from Episode 2

The second episode of The Apprentice showcased the importance of teamwork, effective communication, and interpersonal skills in a business setting. It underscored the need for cooperation and unity, as well as the negative consequences of internal conflicts. Additionally, this episode highlighted the fierce and competitive nature of the show, where contestants were forced to navigate challenges and handle intense scrutiny.


Episode 2 of The Apprentice’s first season, “Sex, Lies and Altitude,” was full of drama, arguments, and tough decisions. It demonstrated that success in business requires more than just individual talent. Effective teamwork, leadership, and the ability to handle pressure play crucial roles. With a new perspective gained from this analysis, it’s clear that The Apprentice provided not only entertainment but also valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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