Special Celebrations in Japan

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Special Celebrations in Japan

Japan is a country that celebrates many special occasions throughout the year. Their celebrations are unique and steeped in tradition, often reflecting the country’s rich history and appreciation of nature. From traditional festivals to modern commemorations, here is a list of some of the most notable special celebrations in Japan.

Shogatsu: New Year’s Day

Shogatsu is the most important holiday in Japan. It marks the beginning of the year and is celebrated from January 1 to January 3. Japanese people visit shrines and temples to offer prayers for good health, prosperity, and success in the new year. Shogatsu is a time when families gather and enjoy traditional foods, such as ozoni (a soup made with mochi rice cakes) and osechi (a bento box filled with various traditional Japanese foods).

Hina Matsuri: Girl’s Day

Hina Matsuri, or Girl’s Day, is celebrated on March 3 every year. During this festival, families with daughters display ornate dolls dressed in traditional Heian-era clothing. These dolls represent royalty and are believed to bring health and happiness to young girls. Families also enjoy chirashi sushi (a type of sushi with colorful toppings) and mochi cake during this special celebration.

Tanabata: Star Festival

Tanabata is celebrated on July 7 every year. This festival originated from a Chinese legend about two lovers who are separated by the Milky Way and allowed to meet only once a year on this special day. On this day, people write their wishes on strips of paper and hang them on bamboo trees. The streets are decorated with colorful streamers and lanterns, and people wear traditional Yukata (a type of summer kimono) while enjoying traditional Japanese sweets.

Obon: Festival of the Dead

Obon is a three-day festival celebrated in August. According to Buddhist beliefs, Obon is a time when spirits of ancestors return to Earth to visit their families. During this time, Japanese people clean their homes and light lanterns to guide the spirits of their ancestors. The festival is also marked with traditional Bon Odori folk dances and taiko drum performances.

Shichi-Go-San: Seven-Five-Three

Shichi-Go-San is a festival celebrated on November 15 every year. It marks a rite of passage for children who turn three, five, and seven years old. Parents dress their children in traditional clothing and take them to shrines and temples to offer prayers for their health and well-being. This festival is also a time when families take commemorative photos of their children dressed in traditional clothing.


Although Christmas is not a traditional holiday in Japan, it is celebrated in a unique way. Christmas Eve is considered a romantic holiday, and couples often exchange gifts and enjoy romantic dinners. Christmas Day is more of a family celebration, and Japanese people often enjoy traditional meals such as KFC chicken and strawberry shortcake.

In conclusion, Japan is a rich and vibrant country that is steeped in history and tradition. Special celebrations such as Shogatsu, Hina Matsuri, Tanabata, Obon, Shichi-Go-San, and Christmas are significant occasions that represent the Japanese culture’s values and beliefs. If you have the chance to visit Japan during any of these celebrations, don’t miss the opportunity to experience them firsthand.

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Special Celebrations in Japan