National Holidays and Observances August 2022

August is a month of celebration for several countries around the world. It’s a month loaded with national holidays and observances, which portray the struggle and achievements of a nation. Although August seems a bit quiet for most countries, it’s undoubtedly significant to some. Interestingly, the month presents a chance to commemorate the accomplishments of people who impacted society positively. Here, we take a look at some of the national holidays and observances to be celebrated in August 2022.

Liberation Day of Marijampolė – August 2, 2022

Marijampolė is situated in Lithuania, and the district has been widely known to host a Liberation Day procession to mark the end of WWII. Every year, thousands of people engage in the parade to commemorate the freedom of Marijampolė city. Adorned with Lithuanian flags and traditional outfits, the people take to the streets in their numbers to celebrate freedom.

National Day of Switzerland – August 1-2, 2022

Switzerland is renowned for its picturesque scenery, phenomenal finance performance, and delicious chocolates. As the oldest state in Europe, the country boasts of fascinating history and culture, which are exhibited in its National Day celebrations. The celebrations begin on August 1st and continue into August 2nd. Fireworks, gatherings, and bonfires are an integral part of the event.

Raksha Bandhan – August 14, 2022

Raksha Bandhan is a festival to honor the love and bond between siblings. It is celebrated in India and some parts of Nepal to commemorate the relationship between brothers and sisters. In this festival, sisters decorate their brothers with rakhi, which is a sacred bracelet, and pray for their well-being. Brothers, in turn, vow to protect their sisters in every circumstance.

National Women’s Day (South Africa) – August 9, 2022

In South Africa, August 9 is celebrated as National Women’s Day, which marks the anniversary of the 1956 Women’s March. The march was a significant event in the country’s fight against apartheid, where women defied the law and took to the streets to protest against the pass laws. Nowadays, the day is celebrated with speeches, concerts, and other special events.

Vietnamese Women’s Day – August 20, 2022

Vietnam celebrates its National Women’s Day on August 20 every year, and it’s a day to celebrate and appreciate the sacrifice that women make for their families and society at large. On this day, husbands, sons, and daughters offer gifts to the females in their lives to express their gratitude and appreciation.


In conclusion, August 2022 is a month full of celebrations, and each celebration holds significant cultural or historical relevance. These celebrations help us to remember the achievements of those who contributed to humanity and the struggle for freedom. As always, national holidays are great times to learn and explore new cultures, so why not join in on the fun this August?

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