List of Mexican Holidays and Celebrations

Mexico, a country with a vibrant and rich culture, celebrates numerous festivals, traditions and holidays throughout the year. From religious to cultural and patriotic, Mexicans celebrate their festivities with great fervor, enthusiasm, and joy. Here’s a list of Mexican holidays and celebrations that are widely observed and celebrated around the country.

New Year’s Day – January 1st

Like many countries, Mexicans celebrate the New Year’s Day on January 1. This day marks the beginning of the year and a new start to new opportunities, new resolutions and new hopes.

Día de los Reyes Magos – January 6th

The Three Kings Day marks the end of the Christmas season and is celebrated on January 6th. On this day, Mexicans exchange gifts, prepare a special cake called the “Rosca de Reyes,” and give out candy to children.

Día de la Candelaria – February 2nd

This is a religious holiday dedicated to the Virgin Mary and its celebrated 40 days after the birth of Jesus. On this day, Mexicans dress up their children in new clothes and take them to church to bless them. At the end of the day, Mexican families gather to feast and enjoy traditional food.

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th

Though St. Patrick’s Day is not Mexican, Mexicans celebrate this Irish holiday with great enthusiasm, especially in Cancun and other beach towns. It’s a day filled with lots of fun, music, and green drinks.

Cinco de Mayo – May 5th

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most celebrated Mexican holidays and is also recognized in several other countries, especially in the US. This day commemorates the victory of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla, in 1862.

Independence Day – September 16th

This is the most significant holiday in Mexico, akin to July 4th in the US. The Independence Day marks Mexico’s liberation from Spanish colonialism. On this day, Mexicans celebrate their freedom with parades, fireworks and traditional food.

Día De Los Muertos – November 1-2nd

The Day of the Dead is one of the most popular Mexican festivals and is dedicated to the remembrance of loved ones who have passed away. People make altars at home and decorate them with flowers, pictures, and food to commemorate their loved ones.

Christmas – December 25th to January 6th

Mexicans celebrate Christmas for a whole month, starting with the “Posadas,” a nine-day reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. Mexicans host a party on each of the nine days, with singing, food, and traditional Christmas drinks. The Christmas celebrations culminate on January 6th with the Three Kings Day.

In conclusion, Mexico’s calendar is full of exciting, joyful events and celebrations throughout the year. If you’re visiting Mexico, make sure to participate in one of these events and embrace the unique Mexican culture.

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