How to Use Patriotic in a Sentence

When we hear the word patriotic, we often associate it with a strong sense of national pride and love for one’s country. However, knowing how to use the word patriotic in a sentence can be challenging for many people. In this blog post, we’ll explore various ways to use patriotic in a sentence and provide some examples to help you master its use.

What does Patriotic mean?

Before we start looking at examples of how to use patriotic in a sentence, it’s important to define the word. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, patriotic means having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country.

Using Patriotic in a Sentence

Here are some ways to use patriotic in a sentence:

1. Adjective describing a person
In this context, patriotic describes a person who loves and supports their country. For example:

– My grandfather fought in World War II because he was a patriotic American.
– The politicians gave speeches about their patriotic duty to serve the country.

2. Adjective describing an action
Patriotic can also describe an action that shows love and support for one’s country. Examples include:

– John displayed his patriotic spirit by raising the American flag every morning.
– The school organized a patriotic parade to celebrate Independence Day.

3. Noun
Patriotic can also be used as a noun to describe a person who demonstrates a strong sense of national pride or an object intended to express national pride. Examples include:

– Mary is a true patriot who always defends her country’s honor.
– The store sells patriotic decorations for national holidays, such as flags and banners.

Examples of Patriotic in a Sentence

Here are some additional examples of how to use patriotic in a sentence:

– The Olympic Games always bring out patriotic fervor among sports fans.
– The singer delivered a moving patriotic tribute to the military.
– A patriotic sense of duty inspired George to run for public office.
– The crowd cheered wildly during the patriotic-themed halftime show.
– The soldier received a medal for his patriotic service to his country.


Using patriotic in a sentence may seem challenging, but with the examples listed above, you can start incorporating this word into your vocabulary. Whether you’re describing a person or action, or using patriotic as a noun, it’s a great way to express your love and support for your country.

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