How Pop Culture Changes with Social Events

Pop culture is a constantly evolving phenomenon that reflects the zeitgeist of society. It encompasses everything from music and movies to fashion and technology. One of the biggest drivers of change in pop culture is social events. Whether it’s a global pandemic, a major sporting event, or a political milestone, these events have the power to shape the trends, influences and conversations we see in pop culture.

The Influence of Social Events on Music

Music is often used to reflect the mood and feeling of society, so it’s no surprise that social events have a big impact on pop music. From the rise of political anthems during the 1960s civil rights movement to the surge in patriotic songs following the 9/11 attacks, social events have always had the power to influence the music industry. These events often inspire artists to create songs and albums that reflect the mood of society, capturing the emotions and struggles of the time.

The Impact of Social Events on Movies

Social events not only affect music, but they also have an impact on the movie industry. For example, the 2016 movie “Moonlight” explored themes of race, sexuality and masculinity and was released during a time of increased discussion about these social issues. Similarly, the 2018 blockbuster hit “Black Panther” featured an almost entirely black cast and crew and was released during a time where diversity and representation were important conversations in Hollywood.

Social Events and Fashion

Social events also have a significant impact on fashion. For example, many people remember the fashion choices of the 1980s as being colorful and loud, but this era of fashion was influenced by the disco music and nightlife culture of that time. Similarly, the fashion choices of celebrities at the Met Gala every year are heavily influenced by the event’s theme.

Social Events and Technology

Finally, social events have a major impact on technology. For example, during the first moon landing in 1969, an estimated 650 million people tuned in to watch the event on a newly developed technology, the television. Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies such as virtual conferences, online shopping, and remote work, as social distancing became the norm.


In conclusion, pop culture is not just a reflection of our society, but it is also shaped by social events that take place around us. From music and movies to fashion and technology, these events have the power to spark conversations, influence trends and forever change the landscape of pop culture.

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