How Have My Cultural Values Changed Over Time and Why?

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How Have My Cultural Values Changed Over Time and Why?

As human beings, we evolve in numerous different ways throughout our lives. One of the most significant changes that often occurs is in the way we view and perceive the world around us. For many individuals, this transformation extends to their cultural values and beliefs.

The Influence of Upbringing

I grew up amidst a very traditional and conservative family in a small town. My parents put emphasis on instilling certain customs and practices in me, which included taking part in religious rituals and upholding traditional gender roles. In my younger days, I accepted these values unquestioningly, however, as I started exploring the world surrounding me, my thoughts on these beliefs began to shift.

Exposure to Different Cultures

As I continued to grow and mature, two of the most significant factors that influenced me were traveling and seeking diversity around me. I began to meet individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, and realized that customs can differ significantly. From language to artifacts to even daily practices, I started understanding and appreciating the diversity existing in the world.

Personal Development

In addition to external influences, my personal growth and experiences have also shaped my evolving views. Perceiving different communities’ outlook and being exposed to others’ opinions and perspectives has taught me to question my own beliefs and deeply consider my convictions.

Benefits of Transforming Cultural Values

I feel the most significant advantage of altering your cultural values is the empathy and understanding it develops towards other people’s beliefs. It can help us fight discrimination and biases while building inclusive communities. It also allows us to adapt to change and embrace the evolution occurring in society.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, changed cultural values may imply differences from what one was raised to accept, but it doesn’t signify being detached from those values. Rather it is a way of looking at them with a more refined and broad perspective, enabling individuals to become empathic and respectful towards people holding different beliefs. It takes grace and courage to question our long-held beliefs and ideologies, but the reward for doing so can be exceptionally worthwhile.

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