How Did Gatsby Try to Achieve the American Dream?

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby,” the protagonist Jay Gatsby is a self-made millionaire who is often used as a symbol of the American Dream. The American Dream is the idea that anyone, regardless of their social status, can achieve upward mobility and success through hard work and determination. Gatsby embodies this idea as he tries to achieve his dream of winning back his former love, Daisy Buchanan, through his wealth and status. In this blog post, we will explore how Gatsby tried to achieve the American Dream.

Creating Wealth

One of the key ways that Gatsby tried to achieve the American Dream was through creating wealth. As a young man, Gatsby went from being a poor soldier to becoming a successful bootlegger and starting his own criminal empire. He made a fortune through illegal means to create a luxurious lifestyle for himself, complete with an impressive mansion, fancy cars, and extravagant parties.

Pursuing Social Status

Along with wealth, Gatsby also tried to achieve the American Dream through pursuing social status. Gatsby’s parties were not just about having a good time but also about gaining acceptance from the upper class. He invited the most well-connected people of West Egg to his parties hoping to impress them and ultimately gain acceptance and respect from them. Gatsby’s mansion was a symbol of his success and status, and he hoped that by rubbing elbows with the right people, he would be able to make connections that would help him win back Daisy.

Love and The American Dream

A big part of the American Dream is finding love and happiness, and Gatsby believed that he could achieve this by winning back Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby had been in love with Daisy since he was a young man, and he believed that his wealth and status would be enough to win her back. He threw lavish parties hoping that she would attend, and when she finally did, he was able to show off his wealth and impress her. However, Gatsby’s pursuit of Daisy was ultimately doomed because of his criminal past and her loyalty to her husband.


In conclusion, Jay Gatsby tried to achieve the American Dream through creating wealth, pursuing social status, and finding love. However, his pursuit of these goals ultimately led to his downfall. The American Dream’s promise of upward mobility and success through hard work and determination is a powerful one, but Fitzgerald’s novel shows that it is not always achievable. In the end, Gatsby’s dream of winning back Daisy was shattered, and he paid the ultimate price for his misguided pursuit of the American Dream.

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