Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal: The Movie” (2016)

It was in the year 1987 when billionaire real estate mogul Donald J. Trump released his best-selling book, “The Art of the Deal.” The book detailed his business strategies and provided insights into his success in the world of real estate and beyond. Nearly three decades later, in 2016, the book was adapted into a satirical film titled “Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie.” Directed by Jeremy Konner and starring Johnny Depp as Donald Trump, it offered a unique and often hilarious interpretation of the man who went on to become the 45th President of the United States. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the movie, its origins, and its reception.

## The Genesis of the Film

“The Art of the Deal: The Movie” was initially intended to be a 50-minute Funny or Die mockumentary. The concept originated from prolific Funny or Die producer Adam McKay, who wanted to create a piece that satirized Trump’s persona using Depp in the lead role. The crew quickly assembled an impressive cast, including Patton Oswalt, Alfred Molina, and Michaela Watkins.

While the film was initially planned for a web release, Funny or Die decided to take it one step further and broadcast it as a television special. The decision came after realizing the potential for a wider audience, given the buzz surrounding Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 presidential election.

## The Plot

“The Art of the Deal: The Movie” takes the form of a lost film from the 1980s that Donald Trump himself purportedly produced, directed, and starred in. Filmed with the intent to bombard viewers with excessive Trump branding and ego, the movie follows Trump as he embarks on a quest to make the greatest deal of his career: purchasing the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City.

Throughout the film, Trump encounters various characters, including Wall Street bankers, mobsters, and even a young Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of the original “Art of the Deal” book. The story plays out with over-the-top humor, political satire, and a fair share of improvisation.

## The Satirical Elements

As a satire, “The Art of the Deal: The Movie” masterfully mocks the bombastic personality of Donald J. Trump. It highlights his obsession with self-promotion, his unapologetic braggadocio, and his audacious behavior. The film pushes these traits to their extreme, creating a surreal experience that both entertains and criticizes.

The humorous take on Trump’s business dealings draws heavily from the ’80s aesthetic and pop culture references. From cheesy special effects to exaggerated characters, the film satirizes the extravagant world of corporate America during that era.

## Reaction and Reception

Upon its release, “The Art of the Deal: The Movie” garnered significant attention and mixed reviews. Some viewers found the film to be an uproarious and scathing satire of Donald Trump’s eccentricities, praising Depp’s portrayal for capturing the essence of the soon-to-be president. Others, however, felt that the film was nothing more than a means to perpetuate negative stereotypes and further polarize political discourse.

In terms of the production quality, the intentionally low-budget aesthetic of the film added to the comedy but was also met with criticism. Some viewers and critics did not appreciate the deliberate approach, asserting that a higher production value would have made for a more polished and memorable experience.

Despite the mixed reactions, “The Art of the Deal: The Movie” succeeded in its primary mission: to provoke laughter and satire. It showcased the incredible talent of the cast and crew, offering a glimpse into a fictionalized version of Donald Trump’s world.

## Conclusion

“Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie” is a satirical take on Trump’s larger-than-life persona and business dealings. Directed by Jeremy Konner and starring Johnny Depp, the film delivers its comedic punches by exaggerating Trump’s traits to absurd levels. While controversial and met with mixed reviews, the film serves as an engaging piece of political satire that sheds light on Trump’s public image and the cultural climate of the ’80s.

Whether you appreciate the film as a critique of Trump or see it as an opportunity for a good laugh, “The Art of the Deal: The Movie” remains an intriguing example of how humor and satire can be used to engage with political figures and their larger-than-life personalities.


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