Donald Trump: Watch the Water

Former President Donald Trump has always been a controversial figure, stirring up strong emotions and heated debates. From his policies to his tweets, there is no shortage of topics to dissect when it comes to Trump. One particular aspect that has garnered attention is Trump’s unusual obsession with water. Throughout his presidency and even beyond, Trump’s peculiar fascination with water has given rise to numerous theories and speculation. In this blog post, we will delve into the various instances where Donald Trump’s interactions with water have raised eyebrows and explore the different theories that attempt to make sense of his behavior.

The Fiji Water Incident

One of the most memorable episodes involving Trump and water occurred during a 2011 speech at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey. In the middle of his speech, Trump paused and picked up a bottle of Fiji water, took a sip, and proceeded to complain about the brand. He expressed his discontent with the price and criticized the water’s origin, saying, “They charged me a fortune for this water, and it comes from Fiji, which is not a good location in terms of water.”

This incident left many puzzled as to why Trump would choose to publicly criticize a premium water brand in the midst of a speech. Some speculate that it was merely an attempt to showcase his business acumen or to provoke a reaction, as Trump is known for his knack for attracting attention.

The Mar-a-Lago Water Economics

Another instance where water became the center of attention in Trump’s world was when he owned the Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Mar-a-Lago is a luxurious private club and residence situated on an island, making it vulnerable to rising sea levels and the impacts of climate change. Despite his publicly denying the existence of climate change, Trump sought permission to build a seawall to protect his property from erosion caused by the water. This move caused criticism, with some pointing out the contradiction between Trump’s denial of climate change and his own efforts to protect his property.

The Mar-a-Lago water dilemma highlights the complexity surrounding Trump’s relationship with water. On one hand, he seems to downplay the significance of climate change, dismissing it as a “Chinese hoax.” On the other hand, when it comes to his personal interests, such as securing his properties, Trump seems to acknowledge the potential threats posed by rising sea levels.

The ‘Water Bottle-Gate’ Incident

During Trump’s presidency, viral moments were not uncommon, and one particular incident involving water became the subject of widespread attention. In June 2017, a video emerged of Trump awkwardly sipping water during a speech at the White House. The incident sparked a flurry of scrutiny, mockery, and speculation about Trump’s physical and mental health.

While the incident itself may seem trivial, it raised questions about Trump’s overall well-being and his ability to perform his duties as the President of the United States. Some observers argued that Trump’s grip on the water bottle and his struggle to take a sip indicated potential cognitive or physical decline. Others dismissed this speculation as mere political mudslinging.

The Hydration Theory

One theory attempting to explain Trump’s water-related eccentricities is the “hydration theory.” This theory posits that Trump’s peculiar behavior with water stems from his belief in the connection between water consumption and health. Proponents of this theory argue that Trump sees water as a source of vitality and energy, leading him to emphasize its importance.

Supporters of the hydration theory draw attention to various instances where Trump has touted the benefits of drinking water. During his presidential campaign rallies, he often urged supporters to stay hydrated, even going so far as to toss bottles of water into the crowd. Furthermore, Trump has been known to comment on other politicians’ lack of water consumption, suggesting that he views water as a marker of strength and vitality.


Donald Trump’s fascination with water is undeniably unusual and has perplexed many observers. From criticizing a water brand to seeking permission to protect his property from rising sea levels, Trump’s interactions with water have provided ample fodder for speculation and theories. Whether it is an attempt to seek attention, an expression of his belief in the importance of hydration, or simply a series of coincidences, the water-related incidents involving Trump continue to generate discussion and debate.

While we may never fully understand the true motivations behind Trump’s water-centric behavior, one thing is certain: his unique relationship with water has left a lasting impression on those who have followed his time in politics.


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