Donald Trump v The United States: A Closer Look at the Controversial Book

Donald Trump’s presidency was marked by controversy and a polarizing political climate. His actions and decisions have been met with both widespread support and fervent criticism. In the midst of this ongoing debate, a new book, Donald Trump v The United States by Michael S. Schmidt, has emerged as a comprehensive exploration of Trump’s presidency. This long-form blog post aims to take a detailed look at the book, its contents, and its impact on the political discourse surrounding Trump’s tenure.

An Overview of the Book

Released in September 2020, Donald Trump v The United States delves into the unprecedented legal battles that unfolded during Trump’s presidency. The book specifically focuses on three major investigations: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the investigation into Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice, and the impeachment proceedings sparked by Trump’s actions concerning Ukraine.

Throughout the book, Schmidt, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, draws from extensive interviews with key players, official documents, and testimonies to provide an in-depth analysis of the events that unfolded during Trump’s presidency. It is important to note that this blog post offers a summary of the book’s key points and does not attempt to present an exhaustive account of its contents.

Key Themes and Revelations

Donald Trump v The United States sheds light on a range of important themes and revelations that characterized Trump’s presidency. These include:

  1. Trump’s relationship with Russia: The book explores the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials and delves into the question of whether the Trump campaign knowingly collaborated with Russia to influence the 2016 election.
  2. Obstruction of justice allegations: Schmidt analyzes the various instances where Trump was accused of obstructing justice during the investigations, emphasizing the explosive nature of these allegations.
  3. The Mueller Report: The author provides a detailed account of Mueller’s investigation, its findings, and the ensuing political fallout. Schmidt offers insights into the key players involved and their interactions.
  4. Ukraine and impeachment: The book examines the events that led to Trump’s impeachment, including his dealings with Ukraine and the subsequent Senate trial. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the impeachment process and its implications for the country.

Impact and Controversy

Donald Trump v The United States has been met with mixed reactions, largely reflective of the divided opinions surrounding Trump’s presidency. Supporters of the former president dismiss the book as biased and part of the ongoing effort to delegitimize Trump’s achievements. However, critics argue that it presents a well-documented and meticulously researched account of the events that unfolded during his tenure.

Schmidt’s book has contributed to the broader discussion on the role of institutional checks and balances in the United States. It raises questions about the limits of presidential power and the extent to which a president can be held accountable for their actions.


Donald Trump v The United States by Michael S. Schmidt offers a comprehensive and extensively researched exploration of the legal battles that overshadowed Trump’s presidency. The book delves into significant events, investigations, and controversies, shedding light on the complexities and implications of Trump’s time in office.

As with any politically charged topic, it is important to approach this book with an open mind and engage in critical thinking. The book provides ample material for readers to form their own conclusions about the Trump presidency and its impact on the United States.

Whether you embrace or dismiss the book’s contents, Donald Trump v The United States serves as a valuable resource for understanding the challenges democracy faces in an era of intense political polarization and the ongoing quest for truth and accountability in the face of power.

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