Donald Trump on Liv Golf

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has made headlines throughout his career for his involvement in various industries. From real estate to reality television, there seems to be no limit to his pursuits. However, one area that some may find surprising is his relationship with the sport of golf. In recent years, Trump has become not only a passionate golfer but also a developer of golf courses around the world. One notable project that has gained attention is the Liv Golf Club in Dubai, which raises questions about the intersection of politics, business, and sports.

The Rise of Donald Trump as a Golfer

Before delving into Trump’s involvement with the Liv Golf Club, it’s essential to understand his history with the sport of golf. Trump’s passion for golf dates back to the early 1990s when he acquired his first golf property, the Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Since then, he has gone on to establish golf courses worldwide, including Scotland, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Trump’s love for golf is no secret, as he often touts his courses and skills on the green. He even owns several prestigious golf certifications, such as being a member of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, one of the oldest and most esteemed golf organizations in the world.

The Liv Golf Club Project and Donald Trump’s Involvement

In 2014, news broke about a new golf development in Dubai known as the Liv Golf Club. The ambitious project aimed to create a world-class golfing experience in partnership with the Trump Organization. While the Trump Organization was involved in the initial stages, the project eventually shifted gears, and Trump’s name was removed from the development. As of now, the Liv Golf Club stands without direct ties to Donald Trump.

This project’s history raises interesting questions about the intersection of politics and business. While Donald Trump’s involvement may have provided initial momentum and attention to the Liv Golf Club, political factors likely influenced the project’s subsequent changes. The decision to distance itself from Trump reflects the complex repercussions that associating with a controversial figure can have for a business venture.

Trump’s Impact on the Golfing World

Beyond his involvement with Liv Golf Club, Donald Trump’s role in the golfing world is significant. Some argue that his influence has been instrumental in increasing the visibility and popularity of golf globally. His properties have hosted prestigious tournaments, including the Senior PGA Championship and the Women’s U.S. Open. These events showcase the caliber of the facilities Trump has developed and bring attention to the sport.

However, Trump’s impact on the golfing world is not without controversy. His political and personal views have led to divisions and debates. Some golfers and organizations have distanced themselves from Trump due to concerns about supporting a figure associated with polarizing policies and statements. For example, after Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, the PGA of America moved their 2022 PGA Championship event from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, to a different venue.

The Future of Donald Trump’s Golf Ventures

As Donald Trump’s political career evolves, it remains uncertain how his involvement in golf will unfold. His significant investments and developments in the golfing world highlight his dedication and passion for the sport. However, the shifting political landscape and public perception may impact the success and reception of his courses and projects moving forward.

It is worth noting that some of Trump’s golf properties have experienced financial challenges. For instance, Trump Turnberry in Scotland reported losses of £10.7 million in 2019, adding to ongoing concerns about the viability and profitability of his golf ventures. The dynamic nature of the golf industry, combined with external factors, constantly shape the future of golf courses and their owners.


Donald Trump’s involvement with the Liv Golf Club in Dubai showcases the multifaceted nature of his international business ventures and their connections to the world of sports. While his name may have initially been associated with the project, political factors ultimately led to a separation between the Liv Golf Club and Trump’s brand.

As the 45th President of the United States, Trump wielded considerable influence over the golfing world. His ownership of prestigious properties and hosting of renowned tournaments brought attention and revenue to the sport. However, controversies surrounding his political and personal views have also left a mark on the golfing community. The future of Trump’s golf ventures remains uncertain, given the dynamic nature of the industry and shifting public perceptions of his involvement.

Whether or not Trump’s golf projects flourish or falter, his impact on the golfing world is undeniable. The story of Donald Trump on Liv Golf serves as a reflection of the complex relationship between politics, business, and sports, reminding us of the intricate connections that shape the global landscape.

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