Donald Trump Jr. TV Shows: A Comprehensive Guide

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, has made his mark in the entertainment industry with his appearances on various television shows. From reality TV to political commentary, Trump Jr. has become a familiar face on the small screen. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into Donald Trump Jr.’s TV career, exploring the shows he has been a part of and the impact he has made.

1. The Apprentice

One of the most notable TV shows featuring Donald Trump Jr. is “The Apprentice.” Created by Mark Burnett, this reality competition series first premiered in 2004. Donald Trump Sr. served as the host and executive producer of the show, while Donald Trump Jr. occasionally made appearances as an advisor and judge.

In “The Apprentice,” contestants compete in various business-related challenges to win a position at one of Donald Trump Sr.’s companies. Donald Jr.’s role on the show primarily involved evaluating the contestants’ performances and providing feedback. His contributions showcased his business acumen and strategic thinking abilities.

This groundbreaking reality TV show garnered massive viewership and became a cultural phenomenon. The Trump family’s involvement, including Donald Jr., undoubtedly added to its popularity. Despite some controversy surrounding the show’s premise and editing techniques, “The Apprentice” played a significant role in shaping Donald Trump Jr.’s TV career.

2. Celebrity Apprentice

Building on the success of “The Apprentice,” a spin-off called “Celebrity Apprentice” was launched in 2008. Similar to its predecessor, this version of the show featured a cast of celebrities competing for a charitable cause.

While Donald Trump Sr. remained the host, Donald Trump Jr. took on a more prominent role as an advisor and boardroom judge. He provided guidance, analyzed the contestants’ performances, and engaged in lively discussions with his father. Donald Jr.’s appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice” further solidified his presence on television screens across America.

3. Political Commentator on Fox News

Donald Trump Jr.’s TV career extends beyond reality TV. He is also known for his appearances as a political commentator on Fox News. As a prominent figure within the Republican Party and a vocal supporter of his father’s political agenda, Trump Jr. brings a unique perspective to the network.

Whether he is participating in panel discussions or giving solo commentary, Donald Jr. doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinions on various political issues. His TV appearances on Fox News have generated both support and controversy, reflecting the polarizing nature of American politics.

4. Online Show: Triggered

In addition to his presence on traditional television, Donald Trump Jr. also has his own online show called “Triggered.” Launched in 2019, this show allows Trump Jr. to share his thoughts, opinions, and insights directly with his audience.

The format of “Triggered” ranges from monologues to interviews with notable guests. It covers diverse topics such as politics, culture, and current events. The show’s title, “Triggered,” reflects Donald Jr.’s ability to stir debates and capture public attention.

While “Triggered” may not reach the same viewership as network television shows, it provides a platform for Trump Jr. to connect with his followers in an unfiltered manner and discuss matters close to his heart.


Donald Trump Jr.’s television career has been multifaceted, showcasing his range as a public figure. From his early appearances on “The Apprentice” to his role as a political commentator on Fox News, Trump Jr. has made a significant impact on the TV landscape.

Although his television ventures have attracted both support and criticism, Donald Trump Jr.’s influence cannot be denied. As he continues to navigate the intersection of entertainment and politics, it will be interesting to see how his TV presence evolves in the future.


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