Donald Trump Jr. on IMDb’s Top List

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former U.S. President Donald Trump, has been a prominent figure in both politics and business. Known for his controversial statements and strong support for his father’s administration, Trump Jr. has also made several appearances in the entertainment industry. While not a Hollywood actor or director, his involvement in various TV shows and movies has sparked curiosity and led many to wonder about his IMDb rating and ranking.

Exploring IMDb’s Top-rated Lists

IMDb, short for the Internet Movie Database, is an online database that provides information related to films, TV shows, and celebrities. It allows users to rate and review movies and TV series, creating a ranking system that reflects user opinions and preferences.

One of IMDb’s most popular features is its list of the top-rated movies and TV shows as voted by its users. These lists are dynamic and change over time as new ratings and reviews are added. However, IMDb does not have a specific ranking system for individuals like actors, directors, or producers.

Donald Trump Jr.’s IMDb Profile

While Donald Trump Jr.’s IMDb profile does exist, it mainly lists his appearances in TV shows, interviews, and documentaries related to his father or political topics. These appearances are often in the form of himself rather than fictional characters, which is typical for individuals involved in politics.

As of writing this blog post, Donald Trump Jr.’s IMDb page has an average rating of 5.9/10 based on user ratings and reviews. It is important to note that this rating is not an official IMDb rank but an average based on user feedback.

The Role of Politics and Personal Ratings

It’s worth mentioning that IMDb ratings are primarily driven by the quality and popularity of movies and TV shows. These ratings often do not reflect an individual’s political beliefs, personal controversies, or public image. Therefore, it is essential to separate an individual’s IMDb ratings from their political or personal reputation.

Donald Trump Jr.’s involvement in TV shows and documentaries related to political topics may influence user ratings. Some users may rate his appearances based on their political views or personal opinions about the Trump family. While IMDb strives to maintain the credibility of its ratings, it is important to approach individual ratings with discretion.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Notable Appearances

Donald Trump Jr. has made appearances in several TV shows, interviews, and documentaries. Here are some notable examples:

TV Show/Film Year IMDb Rating
The Apprentice 2005-2017 5.2
The Oprah Winfrey Show 2011 7.2
Fahrenheit 11/9 2018 6.4
Death of a Nation 2018 4.8

These ratings are based on user feedback and should be interpreted as such. It is essential to watch the respective shows or movies and form your own opinion.


Donald Trump Jr.’s IMDb profile reflects his appearances in TV shows, interviews, and documentaries related to politics. The average rating on his IMDb page is 5.9/10, based on user ratings and reviews. However, IMDb does not have a specific ranking system for individuals like actors or public figures.

While IMDb ratings can provide an overview of how users perceive Donald Trump Jr.’s appearances, they do not reflect his overall popularity or personal reputation. It is important to separate IMDb ratings from an individual’s political beliefs and public image.

Whether you agree or disagree with Donald Trump Jr.’s political views, it is always recommended to watch the relevant shows or movies and form your own opinion. Remember, IMDb ratings are subjective and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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