Donald Trump Golfing: A Closer Look at the President’s Golfing Habits

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has been a prominent figure in the world of golf for decades. Known for his love of the sport, Trump owns several golf courses around the world and has been an enthusiastic golfer himself. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Trump’s golfing habits, his relationship with the sport, and the controversies surrounding his golf outings.

The Trump Golf Empire

Before delving into Trump’s own golfing endeavors, it is important to briefly explore his influence on the golf industry. Trump has been involved in the golf business for many years and has built an impressive empire of golf courses and resorts.

One of his most notable golf properties is the Trump National Doral Miami in Florida. This luxurious resort boasts four championship courses and has hosted numerous prestigious golf events. Trump also owns the iconic Trump Turnberry in Scotland, which has a rich golfing history and is frequently ranked among the best golf courses in the world.

In addition to these renowned properties, Trump owns several other golf courses across the United States and around the globe, including Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey and Trump International Golf Links in Ireland.

Trump, Golf, and the Presidency

Being an avid golfer, it was no surprise that Trump continued pursuing his passion for the sport during his presidency. However, the frequency of his golf outings and the costs associated with them became subjects of debate and controversy.

According to various reports, Trump played golf frequently during his time in office, spending over 350 days at his golf properties in total. While presidents commonly enjoy leisure activities, the number of golf outings raised concerns about how much time Trump spent on the golf course rather than focusing on presidential duties.

Furthermore, the expenses incurred during Trump’s golf trips stirred public discussion. It was estimated that each trip to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida cost approximately $3.4 million, considering security measures and other expenses. Critics argued that these costs were excessive, especially considering Trump’s frequent criticisms of President Barack Obama’s golf outings.

However, it’s essential to note that the President’s golf trips are not unprecedented. Many of his predecessors, including Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, also indulged in the sport while in office. Golf has often been seen as an opportunity for presidents to unwind and build relationships, both on and off the course.

Trump’s Relationship with Golf

For Donald Trump, golf is not just a hobby but also a powerful tool for socializing, networking, and deal-making. He has often used his golf courses as venues for business meetings and diplomatic discussions. In fact, it is reported that some official decisions and announcements were made during rounds of golf with world leaders and influential individuals.

Golf also provides Trump with a way to connect with his supporters and fans. He has frequently interacted with fellow golfers and spectators during tournaments held at his properties. Trump’s love for the sport has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his image among his followers.

Moreover, Trump’s golf courses have been the stage for numerous high-profile golf events. From major championships to celebrity tournaments, these prestigious competitions have put Trump’s courses in the spotlight and attracted renowned players from around the world.

Controversies Surrounding Trump’s Golfing

Like any high-profile figure, Donald Trump’s golfing activities have not been without controversies. Here are a few notable instances:

  • Conflict of Interest: Concerns have been raised about potential conflicts of interest between Trump’s role as President and his ownership of golf properties. Critics argue that his business interests could influence his decisions regarding golf-related policies and regulations.
  • Environmental Impact: Trump’s golf courses have faced criticism for their environmental impact, including alterations to natural landscapes and potential damage to ecosystems. These concerns have sparked debates about the balance between golf course development and conservation efforts.
  • Membership Policies: Some of Trump’s golf clubs have faced backlash for their membership policies. Accusations of discrimination, particularly against minorities and women, have raised questions about inclusivity within the golfing community.


Donald Trump’s passion for golf is undeniable, and his involvement in the golf industry has left a significant mark. Regardless of personal opinions on his politics or controversies surrounding his golfing habits, Trump’s impact on the sport cannot be easily dismissed.

As with any public figure, examining both the positive and negative aspects of their endeavors is crucial for a comprehensive understanding. Whether it is the substantial portfolio of world-class courses or the debates surrounding his presidency, Trump’s interactions with golf have shaped his image and added new dimensions to the sport itself.

Golf will forever be intertwined with the name Donald Trump, marking his presence in the golfing world long after his presidency comes to an end.

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