Donald Trump Funko Pop 2016 Worth: A Detailed Analysis of the Collectible

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has undoubtedly left a mark on American politics and culture. His unique and controversial approach to governance has captured the attention of people worldwide – including collectors of memorabilia. In 2016, one such item emerged: the Donald Trump Funko Pop figurine. This article delves into the worth and significance of the Donald Trump Funko Pop released in 2016, providing collectors and enthusiasts with a comprehensive analysis of this unique collectible.

Unboxing Donald Trump: The Birth of a Collectible

The Donald Trump 2016 Funko Pop was launched during Trump’s presidential campaign. Funko, a popular manufacturer of pop culture collectibles, recognized the public’s fascination with Trump and decided to add him to their line of vinyl figures. This particular figurine depicts Trump wearing his signature suit, a red tie, and features his iconic hair.

Like other Funko Pops, the Donald Trump version is classified under the Pop! Vinyl series, a collection that encompasses diverse characters from various movie franchises, TV shows, and real-life personalities. However, the Trump Funko Pop is unique in that it signifies a political figure during a pivotal moment in U.S. history.

Design and Details

The attention to detail on the Donald Trump Funko Pop figurine is impressive. The facial expression shows his characteristic confidence, while the suit and tie display the meticulousness with which his signature style has become associated. The hair, undoubtedly one of Trump’s most recognizable features, is also accurately portrayed, making this figure instantly recognizable to collectors and fans alike.

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Funko
Year 2016
Height Approximately 3.75 inches
Material Vinyl

The figurine stands at approximately 3.75 inches tall and is made from vinyl, ensuring durability. Its compact size allows for easy display and storage, making it an ideal addition to any Funko Pop collection.

Worth and Rarity

When it comes to collectibles, the worth of an item is often influenced by both its popularity and scarcity. As the Trump Funko Pop was released during the 2016 political campaign, its initial popularity was high, primarily due to the worldwide interest in the election. However, estimating the exact worth of a collectible item can be a challenge.

Collectors typically assess an item’s value based on several factors, such as condition, packaging, and rarity. In the case of the Donald Trump Funko Pop, the current worth can vary significantly depending on these factors. As of eBay, the figurine’s price ranges from around $20 to $100, with some instances of rare variants or signed versions reaching even higher amounts.

Factors Influencing Value

Several factors can influence the value of the Donald Trump Funko Pop, including:

  1. Popularity: The enduring popularity of Donald Trump as a political figure impacts the demand for this collectible. As with any item, the higher the demand, the higher the potential worth.
  2. Condition: Mint condition figures, unopened boxes, or those still in the original packaging generally fetch higher prices. Collectors prefer items that have been well-preserved and show no signs of damage.
  3. Rarity: While the Trump Funko Pop is not considered extremely rare, certain variants or limited editions can influence the value. For example, some versions were exclusive to specific events, such as Comic-Con, making them more sought after by collectors.
  4. Market Demand: The overall demand for Funko Pops, as well as the specific demand for Trump-related items, can fluctuate over time. Changes in market trends and interest can impact the value of this collectible.

Tips for Collectors

If you’re interested in collecting the 2016 Donald Trump Funko Pop, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Research: Familiarize yourself with the various versions and exclusives available. This knowledge can help you determine the rarity and potential value of specific figures.
  • Condition: Aim for items in mint or excellent condition, preferably with the original packaging. Quality plays a vital role in determining an item’s worth.
  • Storage: Properly store your Funko Pops to maintain their value. Keep them away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity. Displaying them in enclosed cases or using protective sleeves can help prevent damage.
  • Authenticate: If purchasing a signed or limited edition variant, ensure there is appropriate authentication to validate the item’s legitimacy.


The Donald Trump Funko Pop released in 2016 offers collectors an opportunity to own a piece of political history in the form of a highly detailed and well-designed vinyl figurine. While its worth can vary based on factors such as popularity, rarity, condition, and market demand, this collectible remains sought after by enthusiasts. Its lasting relevance in the realm of political memorabilia makes it a compelling addition to any collection.

Whether you’re a Funko Pop collector, a political enthusiast, or simply drawn to unique collectibles, the Donald Trump Funko Pop is an item worth considering. It not only showcases a memorable and influential figure but also serves as a fascinating reminder of the intersection between politics and popular culture.

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