Donald Trump Apprentice Winners: A Comprehensive Look at the Successful Candidates

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Donald Trump Apprentice Winners: A Comprehensive Look at the Successful Candidates

When it comes to reality television shows, few have been as impactful as The Apprentice. Hosted and created by the infamous business magnate Donald Trump, The Apprentice aimed to discover the next entrepreneurial superstar. Over the course of 15 seasons, the show provided numerous aspiring business professionals with an opportunity to showcase their skills, compete for a coveted position, and ultimately win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work within the Trump Organization. In this blog post, we delve into the winners of The Apprentice and explore their subsequent successes.

Season 1: Bill Rancic

The first winner of The Apprentice was Bill Rancic, a cigar business entrepreneur from Chicago. With his relentless work ethic and strong leadership skills, Rancic impressed Trump throughout the season. As the victor, Rancic was rewarded with the opportunity to oversee the construction of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. After completing his task, Rancic was hired to work as the president of the Trump Organization’s Chicago division for one year.

Since his win, Rancic has become a highly sought-after speaker, author, and television personality. He has written several books, including the New York Times bestseller “You’re Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life.” Rancic has also made appearances on various television shows, including hosting the popular reality show American Beauty Star and co-hosting the entertainment news program Extra.

Season 2: Kelly Perdew

Kelly Perdew emerged as the winner of The Apprentice Season 2. With a background in the military and business consulting, Perdew demonstrated his project management expertise and ability to lead teams effectively. His final task involved organizing a charity concert for the LICares Foundation.

Following his victory, Perdew worked for the Trump Organization as the president of the Trump SoHo hotel and executive vice president of the Trump Organization. He later founded his own management consulting firm, called Moonshots Capital.

Season 3: Kendra Todd

Kendra Todd became the first female winner of The Apprentice in Season 3. Before appearing on the show, Todd had a successful real estate career, which she used to her advantage throughout the competition. Her final task involved overseeing the construction and sale of luxury apartments in Trump’s Riverside South development on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

After her victory, Todd worked for the Trump Organization as the head of the Trump Tower project and became involved in numerous high-profile real estate ventures. She later moved on to establish her own real estate firm, focusing on luxury properties. Additionally, Todd is a renowned public speaker, author, and television personality.

Season 4: Randal Pinkett

Randal Pinkett, an accomplished entrepreneur and Rhodes Scholar, secured the win in The Apprentice Season 4. His final challenge involved developing a new flavor of a Snapple beverage and creating a marketing campaign to support it. Pinkett impressed Trump with his strategic thinking and exceptional execution.

Following his victory, Pinkett worked for the Trump Organization on various major projects, including the renovation of the Trump Plaza hotel and casino in Atlantic City. He later founded his own consulting firm, BCT Partners, which focuses on providing innovative solutions in the realms of management, technology, and social impact.

Season 5: Sean Yazbeck

Sean Yazbeck, a British-born entrepreneur, emerged as the Season 5 winner of The Apprentice. During the show, he showcased his expertise in the hospitality industry and stood out as a strong team player. Yazbeck’s final challenge involved creating a new advertising campaign for the launch of the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

After his win, Yazbeck briefly worked with the Trump Organization on the Las Vegas hotel project. He later founded a luxury digital marketing company called WAVSYS, which focuses on providing technologically advanced solutions to clients. Yazbeck has also invested in various business ventures, including commercial real estate and fashion.

Season 6: Stefanie Schaeffer

In the sixth season of The Apprentice, Stefanie Schaeffer, a lawyer and entrepreneur, secured the title. Her strong leadership skills and ability to negotiate effectively were pivotal to her success. Schaeffer’s final task involved promoting the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles.

Since her victory, Schaeffer has continued her legal career and started her own consulting firm, Schaeffer Legal Solutions. She also remains actively involved in philanthropic endeavors and serves as an advocate for various social causes.

Season 7: Piers Morgan

For its seventh season, The Apprentice took on an international twist by bringing in a group of celebrity contestants. Piers Morgan, a renowned British journalist and television personality, claimed victory in this special edition of the show. Morgan’s final task involved creating a new flavor of 7UP and producing a promotional video for it.

Since his win, Morgan has continued his successful career in media, becoming a recognized interviewer and television host. He has worked for several major news networks, including CNN and ITV, and hosted his own interview show, Piers Morgan Live. Morgan is known for his incisive questioning and no-holds-barred interviewing style.


The Apprentice undoubtedly provided a launchpad for its winners, catapulting them into the world of business, entrepreneurship, media, and consulting. The likes of Bill Rancic, Kelly Perdew, Kendra Todd, Randal Pinkett, Sean Yazbeck, Stefanie Schaeffer, and Piers Morgan have all gone on to achieve notable success in their respective fields. Their victories on the show not only provided them with invaluable opportunities but also served as a testament to their exceptional skills and tenacity.

While the show may have remained controversial at times, its impact on the careers and lives of its winners cannot be denied. Each winner carved their own path and built on their experiences on The Apprentice to accomplish remarkable endeavors. From real estate to consulting, television stardom to entrepreneurship, they have continuously proven themselves worthy of being named the next apprentice of Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump Apprentice Winners: A Comprehensive Look at the Successful Candidates