Donald Trump and the Mac Miller Album

In the world of music, unexpected collaborations and connections often make headlines. Such was the case when it was revealed that the late rapper Mac Miller had a significant connection to former President Donald Trump. This surprising association raises questions about the intersection of politics and the music industry and how artists navigate their personal beliefs and affiliations. In this in-depth blog post, we will explore the background of the relationship between Donald Trump and Mac Miller, examining the implications it had on both the artist and the album that brought them together.

Mac Miller’s Rise to Prominence

Before delving into the fascinating connection with Donald Trump, it is important to acknowledge the immense talent and impact of Mac Miller in the music industry. Born Malcolm James McCormick in 1992, Mac Miller rose to prominence as a rapper, singer, and record producer. With his unique style and introspective lyrics, he captivated audiences across the globe.

Mac Miller’s early mixtapes gained attention and led to his signing with the independent record label Rostrum Records. Subsequent releases, such as “Blue Slide Park” and “Watching Movies with the Sound Off,” solidified his standing within the hip-hop community. However, it was his critically acclaimed album “Swimming,” released in 2018, that further cemented his status as a visionary artist.

The Influence of Donald Trump

Before he became the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump was a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. As a businessman and television personality, he commanded attention and had connections across various sectors.

One of these connections involved Mac Miller, who sampled Trump’s voice on his 2011 hit single “Donald Trump.” The sampled audio featured Trump’s infamous catchphrase, “You’re fired!” from his reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” The song became a chart hit and captured the attention of both Mac Miller’s fans and those curious about the unexpected collaboration.

The inclusion of Donald Trump’s voice in the track generated significant controversy and speculation about the rapper’s intention. Some viewed it as an endorsement of Trump, while others saw it as a tongue-in-cheek reference. Mac Miller himself addressed the issue, clarifying that the song was meant to be a commentary on fame, success, and the American Dream.

Mac Miller’s Explanation

Mac Miller, in an interview with MTV News in 2011, stated, “It was just a song that at the time, it was relevant to me because everybody had this idea of who I was and what I was gonna do and all these things. So it was me being like, ‘No, Donald Trump is who you should be scared of.'” This clarification shed light on the intention behind the song and dispelled notions of a direct endorsement.

The Mac Miller Album and Donald Trump

Beyond the sampled voice on “Donald Trump,” the connection between Mac Miller and Donald Trump went even further. In 2013, Mac Miller released another album titled “Watching Movies with the Sound Off,” featuring a track called “Red Dot Music.” This song had a guest verse from Action Bronson, but another noteworthy feature was credited to the producer Larry Fisherman. Fans soon discovered that Larry Fisherman was, in fact, a pseudonym used by none other than Mac Miller himself.

However, here is where the Donald Trump connection comes into play. Interestingly enough, the album’s executive producer credit went to none other than Donald J. Trump. This credit caught many by surprise, considering the stark differences in political ideologies between Mac Miller and Trump. The inclusion of Trump’s name in the album’s credits left fans and critics contemplating possible explanations.

Album Credits – A Marketing Ploy?

Some speculated that the inclusion of Donald Trump’s name in the credits was merely a marketing ploy to generate buzz and controversy around the album. After all, controversy has always been known to spur interest, and the unexpected association with Trump undoubtedly accomplished that. By associating his album with a significant public figure like Trump, Mac Miller may have aimed to provoke discussions and stand out in a crowded music landscape.

While we can only speculate on Mac Miller’s specific motives, it is worth considering how the music industry, like many others, relies on attention-grabbing strategies to promote artists and their work. The controversy surrounding the album’s credits likely played a role in garnering attention and generating conversation.


In the realm of music, collaborations and connections can be surprising and unexpected, as exemplified by the relationship between Mac Miller and Donald Trump. While Mac Miller’s inclusion of Trump’s voice in his song “Donald Trump” initially caused controversy, it was ultimately clarified as a comment on fame and success rather than an endorsement. The connection between the two continued with the album “Watching Movies with the Sound Off,” where Trump was credited as the executive producer. Whether a marketing ploy or sincere inclusion, the association with Trump undoubtedly generated interest and conversations about the album.

Understanding the connection between artists, their personal beliefs, and their art is an essential part of appreciating and engaging with music. The Mac Miller and Donald Trump connection serves as a reminder that the music industry, like any other domain, can bring together unexpected figures and generate thought-provoking discussions. As fans, it is crucial to interpret artistic choices within their intended context and engage in open dialogue about the complexities of art and its intersecting influences.


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