Does Latin America Celebrate Christmas?

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Does Latin America Celebrate Christmas?

Latin America is a vast and diverse region with a mix of cultural traditions, religions, and beliefs. With such great diversity, it is natural to ask whether Christmas, a Christian celebration, is celebrated the same way throughout the region. The answer is no.

Although Christmas is an important celebration in Latin America, the way it is celebrated varies significantly from one country to another. While some countries follow the traditional customs of decorating trees, exchanging gifts, and having family reunions, others have unique and more customized celebrations.


In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated with a large feast known as “La cena de Navidad.” This feast takes place on Christmas Eve, and it includes traditional dishes such as tamales, pozole, and bacalao. Mexicans also celebrate the ‘posadas,’ which represents the journey of Joseph and Mary before Jesus’ birth. This celebration takes place nine days before Christmas in which an image of the virgin Mary is carried in a procession, followed by hymns and prayers.


For Peruvians, the celebration of Christmas starts on December 8th, when they observe the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. They decorate their homes with lights, and nativity scenes, known as “nacimiento.” On Christmas Eve, they attend midnight mass known as “Misa de Gallo” and then have a family dinner that ends with the traditional Christmas dessert, “Panettone.”


In Colombia, a nine-day celebration known as ‘Novenas’ takes place before Christmas’ arrival. People take turns hosting a ‘novena’ in their homes, and at each gathering, they sing Christmas carols and enjoy traditional Colombian dishes. On Christmas Eve, families celebrate with a large meal known as “Cena de Navidad.” As in many other countries, the exchange of gifts is also a common practice.


In Brazil, Christmas is celebrated in the summer season, and it is a beach holiday. Brazilians go to the beach, and houses are decorated with tropical flowers and fruits instead of traditional Christmas decorations. On Christmas Eve, a large feast takes place, during which the famous Brazilian dish “Bacalhau” is served.


In conclusion, Christmas is a significant celebration in Latin America, and although there are several customs and traditions that are similar to those of other parts of the world, each country and culture have their unique way of commemorating the event. From Colombia’s novenas to Brazil’s beach celebration, it’s fascinating to see how each country adapts the global celebration to their local customs and traditions.

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