Customs that should be changed in Nigeria

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Customs that should be changed in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful and culturally rich country with various ethnic groups with unique traditions and customs. However, some of these customs are outdated and need to be reevaluated to keep in line with modern times. These customs have been perpetuated for years and have become a part of the people’s way of life, making it more difficult to change.

Here are some common customs that need to be reexamined:

Gender Stereotypes

Nigeria is a patriarchal society where men are seen as leaders, and women are expected to be subservient. This mindset is one of the reasons why many women experience discrimination, abuse, and so on. It is essential to change this custom and promote equality between men and women. Women should be given the same opportunities as men in education, employment, and leadership positions.


Nigeria is a diverse country with more than 250 ethnic groups. However, a significant problem that comes with this diversity is tribalism. People have the tendency to discriminate against others from different tribes. It has resulted in violence, hate speech, and ethnic tensions. Everyone, regardless of tribe or religion, should be treated equally.

False modesty

In Nigeria, it is customary to downplay one’s achievements or success. Modesty is considered a virtue, which is why people often say things like “I’m just managing” or “it’s nothing, just small work.” This custom can be detrimental to one’s self-esteem and confidence. Instead of downplaying our achievements, we should celebrate them.

The Importance of Titles

In Nigeria, titles are essential, and people often evaluate others by their title. This custom has led to a culture of respect being based on one’s title and not on the actual person. Titles should be given based on one’s role or achievement, not because someone is in a position of power.


Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, and the country has some of the strictest anti-gay laws in the world. This custom stems from religious and cultural beliefs that see homosexuality as a sin and an abomination. These beliefs have led to discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ+ community. The country needs to be more open-minded, accepting, and tolerant of people of different sexual orientations.

In conclusion, Nigeria is a culturally rich country that needs to get rid of some outdated customs that no longer serve the betterment of the society. The customs outlined above are just the tip of the iceberg, and it is essential to change these harmful customs gradually. Once these changes are implemented, Nigeria can become a more equitable and progressive society.

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