CK3: Does Culture Change Over Time?

Culture is a crucial aspect of Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) gameplay. It defines the traditions, habits, and beliefs of different groups of people in the game. The question is, does culture change over time in CK3? In this article, we’ll explore this topic and discuss the various factors that influence culture change in the game.

What is Culture in CK3?

Culture in CK3 is a collection of traditions, customs, religions, and beliefs of a particular group of people in the game. It affects how people behave, their attitudes towards foreigners, and their relationships with other faiths. There are over 100 different cultures in the game, each with its unique traits and abilities.

Factors that Influence Culture Change

The culture of a particular group can change over time in CK3. Several factors can influence cultural change in the game, such as:

1. Military Conquest: Military conquest is one of the most significant factors that can cause cultural change in CK3. When a particular territory is conquered, the conquering party’s culture may start to influence the conquered people’s way of life, leading to a gradual shift in their cultural outlook.

2. Religion: Religion plays a significant role in determining culture in CK3. A particular religion may have specific cultural practices that may be adopted by a different culture. When a group of people converts to a new religion, their cultural outlook may change significantly.

3. Migration: Migration of people is another factor that can cause cultural change in CK3. When a group of people moves to a new location, they may adopt the cultural practices of the local people, leading to cultural convergence.

How Culture Changes in CK3

In CK3, culture changes are gradual and take time to occur. When a culture is affected by the factors mentioned earlier, the weight of the culture starts to shift towards the influencing culture. The speed of the culture change depends on several factors such as:

1. Cultural Similarity: If the conquering culture is relatively similar to the conquered culture, the cultural shift may occur faster. For example, if a Norse culture conquers a Germanic culture, the cultural shift may not be significant.

2. Local Customs: The people’s attachment to their local customs may slow down the cultural shift.

3. Religious Tolerance: When people practice an inclusive and accepting religion, cultural change may be slower. However, cultures may shift faster if the conquering religion is intolerant or hostile towards the conquered people’s religion.


Culture does change over time in CK3. Military conquest, religion, and migration are significant factors that influence cultural change in the game. Understanding these factors and their impact on culture can help players plan their expansion strategy better. Remember to be patient when expecting culture change, as it takes time for cultures to shift. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful ruler in CK3.

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