Are Trump Bucks Real? An In-Depth Look at the GMod Corpse Phenomenon

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In recent years, a bizarre theory has emerged linking the popular sandbox game Garry’s Mod (GMod) and the concept of “Trump Bucks.” But what exactly are Trump Bucks, and is there any truth behind this connection? In this in-depth blog post, we will explore the origins of Trump Bucks, their alleged relationship with GMod Corpse, and ultimately delve into the realm of correlation versus causation.

What Are Trump Bucks?

To understand the Trump Bucks phenomenon, we must first grasp the concept of Donald Trump’s economic policies. During his presidency, Trump implemented various measures to stimulate the economy. One of these initiatives involved direct payments to American citizens in the form of stimulus checks, colloquially dubbed “Trump Bucks.”

These stimulus checks were aimed at injecting funds into the economy by providing individuals and families with immediate financial relief. However, it is important to note that Trump Bucks are a fictional term widely used to refer to these stimulus payments, and they hold no official recognition or standing beyond popular discourse.

The GMod Corpse and Trump Bucks Connection

The association between GMod Corpse and Trump Bucks originated from a peculiar observation made by players within the Garry’s Mod community. Some community members claimed that when a player’s character died and turned into a lifeless ragdoll, dollar bills resembling Trump Bucks would spawn around the corpse. This led to the theory that GMod developers had incorporated a secret reference to Trump Bucks in the game’s physics engine.

Although initially dismissed as a mere coincidence, the spread of this theory gained traction as players continued to encounter these virtual Trump Bucks near GMod corpses. Some even took to online forums and social media platforms to share screenshots and videos as evidence of their discovery, further fueling the hype surrounding this peculiar phenomenon.

Correlation vs. Causation

As the theory gained attention, the debate between correlation and causation came to the forefront. While it is true that there appeared to be a correlation between GMod Corpse and the presence of Trump Bucks, it is important to approach this relationship with caution.

It is highly unlikely that the developers of Garry’s Mod intentionally included a feature that spawns Trump Bucks as an homage to Donald Trump’s stimulus payments. Rather, the presence of dollar bills near GMod corpses is more likely a result of the game engine’s physics simulation and random object spawning mechanisms.

The random spawning of objects, including dollar bills, around ragdolls in Garry’s Mod is a well-known feature of the game’s physics engine. This feature adds an element of realism and unpredictability to the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Consequently, the occurrence of Trump Bucks near GMod corpses can be attributed to this inherent randomness, rather than an intentional reference.

Debunking the Myth

It is essential to approach conspiracy theories and coincidences with a critical mindset, seeking evidence-based explanations. While the presence of Trump Bucks near GMod corpses may seem intriguing, it loses its mystical aura upon closer examination.

Moreover, the official Garry’s Mod website, which hosts forums for players and developers, has not acknowledged or confirmed any intentional inclusion of Trump Bucks within the game. This lack of official recognition reinforces the notion that the presence of Trump Bucks near GMod corpses is a mere coincidence driven by the game’s physics engine.


In the realm of GMod Corpse and Trump Bucks, it is vital to differentiate between correlation and causation. The observation of dollar bills resembling Trump Bucks near GMod corpses may raise eyebrows and spark curiosity, but it does not substantiate a deliberate inclusion by the game’s developers. Instead, the spawning of these virtual bills is likely a consequence of the randomized object spawning inherent to Garry’s Mod’s physics simulation.

As we continue to explore the vast world of gaming, it is essential to approach rumors and theories with a critical mindset and seek evidence-backed conclusions. While the GMod Corpse and Trump Bucks connection remains an intriguing talking point, it is safe to say that Trump Bucks in Garry’s Mod are nothing more than a coincidental occurrence, distancing the game itself from any intentional political references.

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