Are Donald Trump Trading Cards Real?

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Are Donald Trump Trading Cards Real?

In recent years, trading cards have experienced a resurgence in popularity, attracting collectors and enthusiasts from around the world. With the rise of political figures as mainstream celebrities, it comes as no surprise that trading cards featuring politicians have entered the market. One prominent figure that has garnered immense media attention is Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. But are there really Donald Trump trading cards in circulation? In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Trump collectibles and determine the authenticity of these cards.

The Fascination with Collectibles

Collecting items related to influential figures, whether in politics, sports, or entertainment, has long been a popular hobby. From autographs to jerseys and memorabilia, these collectibles offer a connection to our favorite personalities and evoke nostalgia. Trading cards have been a particularly sought-after form of collectibles for decades, with sports trading cards dominating the scene. However, political trading cards have emerged as a niche market in recent years, attracting a dedicated following.

The Emergence of Donald Trump Trading Cards

Donald Trump’s rise to power and controversial presidency captured the attention of people worldwide. As a result, entrepreneurs and collectors capitalized on his popularity by creating collectible items, including trading cards. These cards often feature images of Donald Trump alongside notable moments or quotes from his political career.

Despite the existence of Trump trading cards, it is crucial to distinguish between official, licensed products and unofficial, novelty items. Official trading cards are typically produced by reputable manufacturers and are officially licensed by the subject or copyright holder. On the other hand, novelty cards are usually unauthorized, unofficial, and often of lower quality. Let’s explore both categories in depth.

Official Donald Trump Trading Cards

While there is no shortage of unofficial Trump trading cards, several legitimate companies have produced official Donald Trump trading cards. One such example is the “Decision 2016” trading card series released by Topps, a well-known trading card manufacturer. This particular series includes political figures from the 2016 U.S. presidential election, including Donald Trump.

The Topps “Decision 2016” trading card series features cards with high-quality images of Donald Trump, capturing key moments from his campaign. The cards also contain information about his background, political career, and notable achievements. These cards are considered official due to the licensing and involvement of reputable trading card companies like Topps.

Another official Donald Trump trading card set worth mentioning is the “2016 Political Trading Cards” series by Rittenhouse Archives. This set features various politicians from the 2016 election, including Trump. While not as well-known as Topps, Rittenhouse Archives is a respected company within the trading card industry.

Unofficial Donald Trump Trading Cards

In addition to the official trading card sets, numerous unofficial Donald Trump trading cards flood the market. These cards are often produced by smaller, lesser-known manufacturers or individuals seeking to capitalize on the political climate. It is important to exercise caution when purchasing these cards, as their quality and authenticity can vary significantly.

Unofficial Trump trading cards may lack the necessary licensing or approval from the subject or copyright holder. As a result, these cards often face legal challenges, potential copyright violations, and lower resale value. To ensure authenticity, buyers should do thorough research on the manufacturer and the legality of the product.

The Value of Donald Trump Trading Cards

The value of Donald Trump trading cards, much like any collectible item, fluctuates based on factors such as scarcity, demand, and the overall condition of the card. Officially licensed cards from reputable manufacturers are generally more valuable and sought after by collectors.

In terms of unofficial Trump trading cards, their value tends to be lower due to the lack of licensing and potential legal issues. However, some collectors still find joy in owning these novelty cards as part of their Trump memorabilia collection, despite their limited monetary value.


In conclusion, Donald Trump trading cards do exist, catering to the collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate political memorabilia. However, it is essential to differentiate between official, licensed trading cards produced by reputable manufacturers and unofficial, unauthorized novelty cards. Official trading cards, such as those from Topps’ “Decision 2016” series and Rittenhouse Archives’ “2016 Political Trading Cards” series, are recognized within the collectibles community and hold more value.

Collecting Donald Trump trading cards can be an exciting hobby, but caution should be exercised when purchasing unofficial cards. Buyers should thoroughly research the background and legitimacy of the manufacturer to ensure the authenticity of the product. As with any collectible item, personal preferences and interests ultimately dictate the value and enjoyment one derives from owning Donald Trump trading cards.


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Are Donald Trump Trading Cards Real?