10 American Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World with Social Impact

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10 American Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World with Social Impact

In today’s world, entrepreneurship is not just about making money; it’s also about creating social impact. Entrepreneurs who are making positive changes in society are acknowledged as “social entrepreneurs”. These entrepreneurs are known for their innovative ideas that challenge the traditional way of doing things. Here, we have listed 10 American entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions towards creating social impact globally.

1. Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie is an entrepreneur who launched TOMS, a company that creates shoes for people in need. They follow a “one for one” model – for each pair of shoes purchased, one pair is donated to a child in need. As of now, TOMS has donated over 100 million pairs of shoes to children in need.

2. Ben Rattray

Ben Rattray is the CEO and founder of Change.org, the world’s largest petition website. Change.org enables people to sign and launch online campaigns to address social issues. The website has led to several campaigns being successful, such as getting the US Army to increase its suicide prevention efforts.

3. Jessica Jackley

Jessica Jackley is the co-founder of Kiva.org, a website that connects people willing to lend money to entrepreneurs in developing countries. To date, Kiva.org has enabled over $1.4 billion in loans, lifting people out of poverty and creating sustainable livelihoods.

4. Wes Selke

Wes Selke is the co-founder of MeetGreen, a sustainable event planning company. MeetGreen implements eco-friendly practices for large-scale events, such as using compostable serving ware and recycling programs. Through their efforts, MeetGreen has helped reduce the environmental footprint of events in over ten countries.

5. Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides microfinance services to people living in poverty. The organization uses mobile technology to create financial opportunities for individuals and businesses in rural areas. They have successfully helped lift thousands of people out of poverty.

6. Shiza Shahid

Shiza Shahid is the founder of The Malala Fund, an organization that advocates for education for girls globally. The organization supports education projects in Pakistan, Nigeria, and Kenya.

7. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur who launched The Virgin Group, a conglomerate focused on travel, telecommunications, and entertainment. Branson is also known for his philanthropic efforts, specifically with Virgin Unite, a nonprofit that tackles social and environmental issues around the world.

8. Bill Drayton

Bill Drayton is known as the “father of social entrepreneurship.” He founded Ashoka, a non-profit organization that supports social entrepreneurs across the globe. Ashoka has since initiated projects in over 80 countries.

9. Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain is the founder of Viome, a company that uses AI to provide personalized nutrition and wellness advice. They use cutting-edge technology to offer a more holistic approach to healthcare, as opposed to the traditional “one-size-fits-all” model.

10. Wendy Kopp

Wendy Kopp is an entrepreneur who founded Teach For America, an organization that recruits recent college graduates to teach in low-income communities. Since its founding, Teach For America has had over 50,000 alumni who have gone on to work in education reform.


These entrepreneurs are creating significant social impact and changing the world in a positive way. They are using their innovative ideas to address social issues and to create sustainable solutions. Their accomplishments are a testament to the power of entrepreneurship in making the world a better place.

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